Naruto And One Piece Fans Clash On Twitter Over Itachi Vs. Ace Best Brother Debate

As some of the longest and most popular animes, One Piece and Naruto are often the subjects of comparison on social media. There are regular discussions between the fandoms of the two, some civil and some not so much.

A One Piece fan took to Twitter and declared that Ace is a better brother than Itachi. It didn’t take long for the Naruto fans to come across this post, and then outrage erupted.

The tweet has gained 1.9 million views,12K likes, and 1600 retweets, while more than 800 people retweeted. So clearly, people had a lot to get off their chests. 

As two of the best side characters in their respective anime, the comparison makes sense. They both rank high in popularity contests, Itachi ranking second in the recent worldwide Naruto poll and Ace ranking ninth in the Shueisa’s popularity contest in honor of Chapter 1000.

Words were exchanged from both sides, with the main talking point of One Piece fans being that Itachi gave Sasuke childhood trauma. So he should not be a candidate for the best big brother in anime: 

Itachi fans quickly came to the rescue of their favorite Naruto character. While the main rebuttal by Itachi fans was that he killed his clan and spared Sasuke because he loved him:

Although both characters were great brothers, it’s very hard to say who was the better one. They both loved their brothers dearly, and both died for them, Itachi extracting the curse of Orochimaru from Sasuke and Ace putting himself between Akainu and Luffy to save him, which led to his death.

Both brothers laid their life on the line for their siblings and hopefully, we can agree that they were incredible brothers in their own right.

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