5 Naruto Characters Who Can Survive The AoT Rumbling (& 5 Who Will Perish)

The Rumbling is one of the most potent weapons in the Attack on Titan universe and in all the anime universes. It is the most brutal maneuver of the massacre in the attack on titan universe.

When Rumbling activates, all the Colossal titans inside the walls start marching forward and flattening everything that comes their way. The attack includes millions of colossal titans, including Eren’s founding titan form (which is the strongest).

Naruto Characters Rumbling

What if the Rumbling happened in the Naruto universe? Which of our favorite characters from Naruto will stand a chance against thousands of colossal Titans. Here are the top 5 characters who can survive the Rumbling and 5 characters who won’t make it out alive.

1. (Survive) Naruto’s Shadow Clones With Baryon Mode Are A Formidable Weapon

Naruto against rumbling

As the main character himself, and especially at the end of the series where Naruto is fighting actual God-level threats like Kaguya and Momoshiki, Naruto will face some problems during the fight against the colossal titan army due to the increased temperature. To counter that, he needs to heal himself throughout the fight.

He has to fly in the air with multiple shadow clone techniques, spam his strongest attacks on the titan’s napes, and use baryon mode if there is a do-or-die situation. His all-time most decisive attack, called Six paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, will be able to wipe out most of the colossal titans. He has to aim at their napes while healing himself with sage power.

2. (Won’t Survive) Sakura Doesn’t Have Enough Arsenal To Survive The Rumbling

Sakura against rumbling

After training with Tsunade, Sakura is capable of smashing through even mountains. One punch from Sakura would completely obliterate the entire upper half of a Titan, including the nape.

She would probably win 1v1 against the titans, but she would certainly run off stamina during Rumbling. She can resist the heat through her healing technique, but eventually, it will not be enough for the millions of colossal titans marching against her.

3. (Survive) Sasuke’s Susanoo Will Be A Major Asset Against The Rumbling

Sasuke against rumbling

Sasuke can survive the rumbling because of his overpowered Sharingan abilities. One of his most vital abilities is called Susanoo. In which he can create a massive armored avatar that possesses ultimate defensive and offensive capabilities.

He can create supermassive swords (extension of his Susanoo), which are capable of cutting through mountains. His rinnegan abilities will be an added trump card in the battle.

Therefore, cutting titans will be like cutting a piece of cake for him. Provided his ultimate defense, the heating factor of the titans would become useless in front of him. He can also fly by using Susano wings, giving him a significant advantage against the Rumbling.

4. (Won’t Survive) Kiba Does Not Have Enough Skills To Survive The Rumbling

Kiba against Rumbling

Kiba relies mainly on his Taijutsu (physical power) and his advanced form of transformation technique. His most vigorous attack is called getsuga (Fang over Fang) technique.

It is a vital technique and he may kill one colossal titan, but considering all the heat coming out of the colossal titans, which burned Armin to near death. Kiba would not be able to fight the millions of colossal titans coming to stomp people to death.

5. (Survive) Uchiha Madara’s Rinnegan & Susano Will Obliterate The Titans

Uchiha Madara against Rumbling

Madara is the top guy in Naruto’s universe and the only character where his shadow clones are also capable of doing Susano, just as he showed while battling against the five kages.

Provided his six paths form near the end of the series, Limbo clones, and Sage orbs. All of these techniques will be more than enough to defeat the Rumbling.

6. (Won’t Survive) Hatake Kakashi Doesn’t Have Any Powerful Jutsu To Counter The Rumbling

Kakashi against Rumbling

Kakashi being the teacher of team 7 and then becoming the 6th Hokage (by ditching Danzo), is a strong Shinobi, no doubt. But since Kakashi does not possess sage mode or Susano-type techniques, him surviving the rumbling would become very difficult.

He may defeat 10-15 titans using his lightning cutter (chidori) attack, but he will not survive the Rumbling because he lacks supermassive techniques.

7. (Survive) Might Guy’s 8 Gates Technique Can Easily Defeat The Titans

might guy against rumbling

Might guy is the strongest Taijutsu expert in Naruto’s universe, and during his fight with Madara, he was declared “the strongest” by the strongest villain (at that time).

His eight gates technique, in exchange for his life force provides him massive power-up and his attacks like Hirudora even broke the Susano of Madara.

So during the Rumbling, he will unleash all of his inner gates, easily defeating all the titans in the rumbling and even the founding titan, Eren’s centipede form.

8. (Won’t Survive) Konohamaru Doesn’t Possess the Required Skills To Defeat Such Huge Opponents

Konohamaru against Rumbling

Konohamaru being the next Kage candidate, has got many different techniques up his sleeves. What he lacks is durability, sage mode, and the amount of damage he can deliver to his opponents.

His strongest technique, Wind Release: Rasengan, is powerful enough to destroy a few titans, but Konohamaru will eventually run out of chakra. After that, he won’t be able to defeat the thousands of rumbling titans approaching him.

9. (Survive) Senju Hashirama Was Called “God of Shinobi” For A Reason

Hashirama against Rumbling

Senju Hashirama was the First Hokage and the strongest Shinobi of his time. He will have no issue fighting the titans. On top of his powered wooden releases, his Senju cells give him a self-healing power, which will prove quite helpful against the titans.

His most vital technique is Shin Sesunju, where he can create a giant Buddha statue with a thousand hands. This statue’s size is huge and will be a formidable weapon against Eren Yeager and his titan army.

10. (Won’t Survive) Hinata’s Byakugan Won’t Be Useful Against The Titans

Hinata against Rumbling

Hinata being the wife of Naruto, is strong, no doubt. Still, she does not have enough explosive power to defeat the titans.

Even her strongest techniques will not be enough to take down colossal Titans. On top of that, she does not have the required durability and healing power against the heat generated by the Titans.

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