Naruto Says Farewell To One Of His Close Friends In Boruto Manga

Today is a very sad day for Naruto fans as we say farewell to Naruto’s old friend Kurama. In Chapter 55 of Boruto Manga, Kurama finally aparts from Naruto.

Kurama apparently lied to Naruto about the effects of his new power “Baryon Mode” as Kurama said to Naruto that if he uses this power, it will be the end of him. In Chapter 55, Kurama reveals that he was lying and actually he was the one who will be gone.

Credit: Shonen Jump

Kurama explains to Naruto that normally when a tailed beast is extracted from a Jhinchuriki’s body, Jhinchuriki d*es but this is not true in this case as Kurama’s chakra has completely vanished. Naruto won’t d*e because tailed beast chakra has vanished as opposed to tailed beast being extracted from him.

Credit: Shonen Jump

Kurama thinks that if he had not lied to Naruto, he would have never agreed to the plan. As Kurama’s chakra is being vanished, he warns Naruto to be careful as he won’t have the unlimited reserves of chakra of the tailed beast.

Some fans think that Naruto and Sasuke were too powerful before and are deliberately nerfed as Naruto loses Jhinchuriki and Sasuke loses his rinnegan. It looks like Sasuke won’t be getting his Rinnegan back as his eye has been closed entirely. Both Naruto and Sasuke have lost considerable amount of their power. Fans think that if one more Atsutsuki arrives, he will be really difficult to deal with seeing the current state of Naruto and Sasuke.

Kishimoto Saved Naruto?

By sacrificing Kurama, Kishimoto might have saved Naruto. Some chapters ago Kishimoto announced that he will be returning to write Boruto manga. Before Kishimoto, it was looking like Naruto is going to d*e soon in Boruto manga.

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