New Manga Series That Are “Different”

Do you know why Manga gets more sales and is more popular than comics? It is because of the variety manga offers to its readers. You can literally pick any topic and you will have a good chance of finding a manga related to that topic.

Here are some new manga that has been announced. They are on some unique topics which weren’t explored in the manga before.

Romance Story Between Women In Her 50’s and Man in his 60’s

“Fifty Sixty, it’s my pleasure” is a new manga series written and illustrated by YM Kei.

It is a romance story about a 50 year old women who is divorced and returning home to her parents house. There she meets a 60 year old friend from the past who always had a crush on her. An old romance blossoms once again.

As this is a relatively new series, there is no English translation available right now. As the popularity of the series grows, you can expect English translation to come out real soon.

A new teenage romance story

Teenage pregnancy is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people around the world. One medium who can dare to talk about it, is manga.

“Ano ko no kodomo” is a new manga series written by Aoi Mamoru. It tells the relationship about the teenage couple and how they deal with the positive pregnancy test.

This new manga just got announced so no chapter has been released yet. Hopefully, we will get an English translation for this manga as well.

Source: Manga Mogura

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