New Trailer Shows Gabi Will Be Back Next Season With A Bigger Gun

Let’s admit it, Gabi Braun is not the most liked person in Attack on Titan series. Thanks to her personality, and killing one of the fan favorite characters, she is even counted in the list of most hated anime characters. New Attack on Titan trailer shows that Gabi is not done with hurting AoT fans, as you can see her carrying a bigger gun, maybe a sniper rifle.

Gabi Braun was first introduced in Attack on Titan season 4, in Reiner’s hometown Marley. She is the cousin of Reiner Braun, and one of the candidates who will become the next titan shifter (Titan shifters can live for maximum 13 years).

So, when did this all hate for Gabin began? Well, she killed one of the Survey Corps soldiers, and when she was captured by them, she escaped by killing the guard with the stone. That’s not all, she still hated the people of the island, and called them Devils.

The question is who will Gabi kill next? If she kills any major characters of the series, the love for him is definitely not going to increase. Attack on Titan final season part 2 will begin January 9, 2022. A new official trailer has been released for the final season.

Attack on Titan manga series is written by Hajime Isayama, who started the manga on Sept 2009, and ended the serialization in April 2021, The manga series has been collected into 34 volumes.

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