Nisekoi Gets Bonus Manga Content, Set 10 Years After The Main Story

After almost eight years after the last chapter of the popular manga Nisekoi was published, the author Naoshi Komi will be coming back with Nisekoi: False Love manga chapters.

nisekoi manga

Nisekoi: Fast Love is a rom-com manga series written by Naoshi Komi. The manga serialization started in Nov 2011 and finished on Aug 8, 2016.

Fans of Nisekoi anime and manga are in for a treat as “Nisekoi: False Love” plans to reprint its compiled book volumes in a fresh format in Japan starting in June this year.

This reprint will incorporate new stories set a decade after the conclusion of the original manga. The first two volumes are slated for release on June 16th, 2023.

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Nisekoi Story

Nisekoi follows Raku Ichijou, a first year high school boy. 10 years prior, he made a promise with a girl that if they were to ever meet again they would get married.

Although Raku doesn’t remember what she looks like, he is still committed to that promise. Before separating, they shared a relic of their relationship and promise, with Raku getting a locked pendant and the girl getting the key.

Now as a first year at Bonyari High School, Raku fantasizes of a simple life where he is a civil servant and he marries his crush, Kosaki Onodera.

That ambition is however unlikely as he is the son of a Yakuza boss, who intends to make Raku inherit his position. The Yakuza suddenly get into a war when the American Bee Hive gang infringe on their turf.

The bosses of the opposing gangs negotiate a truce, and Raku enters a fake relationship with the
daughter of the Bee Hive boss, Chitoge Kirisaki.

The two are like oil and water, and do not get along at all but must learn to tolerate each other and continue the relationship for the sake of peace.

Nisekoi Manga Ending

The manga ended off on a great note, with Raku and Chitoge getting married and having a son, and Onodera marrying someone else and having a daughter.

All the other characters got good endings as well. Now the author will publish new content that focuses on the lives of the characters 10 years after the ending. Shueisha announced this on their website.

Volume 1 and Volume 2 are set to be released on June 16th 2023 with possibly more coming.

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