One Piece 1061 Spoilers: Strawhats Are Headed To Vegapunk’s Island

After beginning the One Piece Final Saga, Eiichiro Oda chose to immerse his manga readers into the current state of turmoil. The last three One Piece chapters were full of information, twists and chaos. Early spoilers of One Piece chapter 1061 are out, and it looks like this chapter will also reveal plenty of information on Vegapunk.

one piece chapter 1061

The new chapter won’t give us details about the events of Chapter 1060, as fans won’t be learning any thing new about Im Sama’s destruction of the kingdom of Lulusia, which was undoubtedly the most unexpected event. Many fans theorise that the mysterious object seen in the skies above the island could be one of the three ancient weapons called Uranus.

Chapter 1061 will also not tell Sabo’s fate; however, the commander of the revolutionary army is unlikely to have been killed in this manner.

According to the initial leaks of One Piece 1061, the island that Luffy and his crew are headed to belongs to Vegapunk. In the final panel of the previous chapter, we saw Jewelry Bonney popping out (as a kid) of nowhere from the ocean and landing on Luffy’s ship.

Strawhats are sailing to said island, which belongs to Vegapunk. A Marine base is located near the island, the PH kids, Tashigi and some SWORD members are there

Helmeppo wants to borrow Seraphims from Vegapunk to save Koby

Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper and Bonney are separated from the others

At the end of the chapter a girl appears and claims to be Vegapunk

The most shocking thing in these early spoilers is that Vegapunk is a girl. If this turns out to be accurate, many theories are circulating on social media that Vegapunk could actually be Luffy’s mother, but there is no actual evidence supporting these theories.

One Piece chapter 1061 will be released officially on Sunday, September 25 on Manga Plus. New spoilers about chapter 1061 will keep releasing over time, and we will update the article accordingly.

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