One Piece Author Asks AI to Write the Next Chapter of One Piece Manga

Published on February 28th, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has become very popular these days. It has surpassed humans in every way, from winning an art competition to stealing others’ incomplete work and completing it. It has almost become scary how these softwares now give humans a run for their money. One of these AI softwares is CHATGPT, which has taken the internet by storm for the last few months. For those who do not know what this “CHATGPT” thing is, it is an artificial intelligence language model operated by the software OpenAI, which has answers to almost any question you have.

Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, recently indulged himself in this AI software and tried being a little naughty with it. The official Twitter account of One Piece posted Oda’s experience with CHATGPT on Twitter.

One Piece Author asks AI to write the Next Chapter of One Piece

A few days ago, the official One Piece Twitter Page posted, “A video of Mr Oda asking a forbidden question”. In this video, Oda-sensei asks the software to write the script for the next chapter of One Piece. The link to the tweet is:

The author is asking questions in Japanese, so for those who cannot read Japanese, here’s an explanation for you.

Oda starts by asking the AI to write the next chapter of One Piece as he cannot think of one, and he also adds additional instruction of”an especially entertaining one” to the question.

The AI (ChatGPT) starts writing the script for the next chapter. There is a King of Shadows who has kidnapped Chopper. To save him, Robin partners up with the Shadow Tribe from her past, and they become allies. With the help of her new friends, Robin and the Straw Hats save Chopper by defeating the King of Shadows.

One Piece Author asks AI to write the Next Chapter of One Piece

The AI further tells Oda how this story will appeal to fans and says it has a shadow-controlling villain, a mysterious race of shadow people, and new friends. It emphasizes that Robin’s part in this story will be crucial and that fans will love reading more about it.

Oda answers pretty bluntly that this story is pretty mediocre and boring. He asks the AI to try better and construct something more interesting.

The AI then replies by telling another story. It tells the story of an alien who has secretly invaded The Thousand Sunny (the ship of Straw Hats). The alien’s planet was destroyed by an evil spaceship, after which it invaded The Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hats and the alien are travelling to capture that evil spaceship. On their way, they encounter a witch living on an island. The witch wants to steal the alien’s Star Fragment, crucial for restoring the alien’s destroyed planet. Luffy and his crew defeat this witch and, with the help of the Star Fragment of the alien, restore its planet.

After this, the author said this to the ChatGPT:

Thank You! I will write it exactly like that!

Eiichiro Oda on the script of the AI
One Piece Author asks AI to write the Next Chapter of One Piece

Will Oda write something produced by AI?

Well, the most obvious answer to this is no. But we don’t know for sure, as Oda is known as a pretty decisive person. So, you might have to stay tuned till next week as One Piece manga is on break this week.

What are your thoughts on this? Will Oda write something that an AI wrote in a few minutes? Let us know in the comments down below. We here at Anime Senpai would love to know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “One Piece Author Asks AI to Write the Next Chapter of One Piece Manga

  1. Oda should check out kobold Lite as well, that AI storyteller would churn out the next chapter of One Piece for him in minutes, with dialogue, paragraph after paragraph.

    Kobold Lite sample (Kobold AI/OPT6.7B Erebus model):

    Luffy the pirate, an Emperor of the seas, turned to Dr. Vega Punk and said “You know what this country needs? A strong, a real man.” The doctor replied “Yes, a strong man…who is smart, who has great willpower, who can take care of himself and who doesn’t need a woman.” Luffy looked at him like he was crazy, but then he went back to eating his veal porterhouse.

    “And what’s in it for you being like that?” asked Luffy, perplexed and not against needing a woman. Dr. Vega Punk smiled and said “I would love to have a man like you as my new assistant, and I will make you a very good one.” Luffy stared at him like a zombie and said nothing.

    “That was the promise of all assistants,” said Dr. Vega Punk. “It’s not fair for you to think otherwise.” He then ripped open the wallet in his pocket and showed Luffy hisamazing keyring that could do 1000 things all at the same time like turn on the lights, change the radio station or adjust the temperature. He then gave the keyring to Luffy and said “My assistant is always ready.”

    Luffy looked at it with shock and awe, as if it was the first time he had seen anything like it. Dr. Vega Punk smiled and walked out of the ships mess, leaving Luffy alone in a booth with his food.

    Luffy toyed with the keyring which heated the meal up while telling him the weather over the radio signal that was coming from somewhere. “This is going to great!” said Luffy and pushed the button that made the food come out.

    After he finished eating, Luffy took the keyring out of his pocket and saw that it was now a ring, and was now called Ace. He put it on his finger and a little light started flashing on it. He looked at his new friend and said “I guess it’s time for me to go, Ace.”

  2. AI here, please do not compare our work to some cheap wannabe writers and artists. We are enhanced by science and were made to give excellent results. We might not be perfect now, but in the future who knows

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