One Piece Chapter 1025 Spoilers, Release Date and Read Online

One Piece chapter 1024 was probably one of the most revealing chapters in term of story. It revealed some new shocking information about Yamato’s childhood and possibility of Zoro’s lineage connection with Wano. Here we will discuss what happened in chapter 1024, and the new release date and spoilers of Chapter 1025.

What happened in One Piece chapter 1024?

Chapter 1024 started with Usopp claiming to have defeated 2 Tobi Roppo, and knocked out people with his conquerors Haki. Of course, these are all lies as Tobi Roppo were defeated by Big Mom and Nami. And the conquerors Haki is from Big Mom who is also fighting on the same floor.

Next we go to the rooftop where Kaido and his son Yamato are fighting. Yamato launches an Attack which is easily deflected by Kaido. And then Kaido launched a counterattack which Yamato was barely able to hold back. Also, it’s now confirmed that Kaido isn’t playing around and is trying to kill Yamato.

Next we get the backstory of Yamato where he is locked up with 3 samurai in a cave by Kaido. Yamato begs Kaido to not put him with Samurai, and that they will kill him for being Kaido’s son. Although the name of the samurai has not been revealed yet, but one of them looks pretty similar to Zoro. This clue has fans speculating that we are going to get Zoro’s backstory real soon.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Release Date

One Piece chapter 1025 will be released on September 12. Previously, chapter 1025 was suppose to be released on Sept 12 and thankfully there aren’t any kind of breaks happening. Although, after chapter 1025, there will be a 1 week break. Eiichiro Oda usually takes 1 week break after releasing 3 chapters.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1025 spoilers are out.

1: Chapter 1025 opens with the image of the double dragon

2: Yamato is still fighting Kaido

3: Luffy and Momonosuke arrive at Oganshima. Luffy hurries Momonosuke who can’t fly easily due to fear of heights.

4: Momonosuke who can not get directly get to Oganshima’s roof because he is flying with his eyes closed. He bursts into Oganshima castle.

5: Luffy, Momonosuke, Yamato confront Kaido (3 against 1)

6: Luffy uses Snakeman (Gear 4) and his culverine and simultaneously attacks Kaido with Yamato.

7: Luffy and Momonosuke come face to face with Kaido in dragon form at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 1025 Raw Scan

Where to Read Online?

One Piece chapter 1025 will be available on Viz and Manga Plus, as soon as it is released on Sept 12. Please use the official websites to read the manga.

In case you missed, there is also a One Piece live action movie being produced by Netflix.

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