One Piece Chapter 1049 Spoilers: Kaido’s Backstory Begins

Finally, the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1049 have been released, confirming that we are approaching the end of Wano Arc. With Kaido’s defeat imminent, it looks like Oda is planning a huge flashback story for Kaido. Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece upcoming chapter.

Short Summary Chapter 1048

We see Momonsouke pushing Onigashima away from the attack of Luffy and Kaido. The flashback begins where after the death of Oden, the Emperor dispatched a samurai who had sword to protect Wano from the beast pirates. The flashback reveals how Kaido turned everything into a wasteland in Wano, and people were forced to work in factories. The drinking water became poisonous and Orochi let people eat defective smiley fruits.

Orochi is burning with only 1 head remaining. He swears to take revenge on Kozuki Hiyori, and to take her down with him. However, Denjiro’s arrive at the right time to cut down Oden’s last head. Denjiro last appeared in One Piece chapter 1009, and fans were waiting for him to make a move.

Chapter 1049 Spoilers

Chapter 1049 is titled “The world we should aspire to”. The cover of the chapter depicts that someone burned Niji and Yonji’s book.

Kaido’s childhood flashback begins. We see his childhood in Vodka Kingdom, of course that explains that Kaido’s drinking problem was probably not his fault because it might be Vodka Kingdom’s culture. A few years later he met Whitebeard, who told him that Rocks wants to meet him.

In the present, part of Raizo’s water leaves the castle and flame clouds disappear. But Momo makes a new one. Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.

After Kaido’s fall to the ground, we see another flashback where Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him.

These spoilers confirm it that Kaido realized at some point that he wasn’t Joy Boy but he was in fact waiting for Joy Boy. Now the whole drunk crying makes sense because he knew he can’t end himself as he has to be defeated by Joy Boy. Hopefully, we will see a detailed backstory of Kaido in the upcoming chapters.

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