One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers: An Emperor Is Dead?

With each new chapter of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda proves once again that he is capable of surpassing his own limitations; he does not adhere to the patterns dictated by predetermined pacing, but rather, he chooses for himself the increasingly chaotic direction in which the story of his manga must head. One Piece chapter 1064 spoilers have been released, and here is everything you need to know about it.

one piece chapter 1064

Before diving into One Piece 1064 spoilers, let us recap the previous chapter briefly.

Chapter 1063 Short Recap

One Piece chapter 1063 shifted its focus from Straw Hats to Law and Blackbeard. We learned that Blackbeard pirates ambushed Law in the middle of the sea. Blackbeard knows that Law has a copy of Poneglyph, which he needs to find One Piece.

Law, alongside his crew, flees to a nearby island, but Blackbeard pirates quickly catch up to him. Here we learn the devil fruit power of 3 blackboard pirates. Jesus Burgess has abnormally high levels of strength. Doc Q can spread disease to others, and Van Augur can teleport people. Doc Q uses his power to turn Law into a woman, but Law counters it using Haki.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers

Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1064 have revealed shocking new information about the former emperor of the sea, Big Mom. So without any more wait, let us dive into the new information.

Aokiji is Confirmed to be a part of Blackbeard Pirates

On the cover Aokiji and Van augur have kidnapped pudding. “Kuzan and Augur of Blackbeard pirates” is the title of this cover, they are also on BB pirates ship.

In the previous chapter covers, we learned that Big Mom’s hometown was covered in ice, and theories suggested that Aokiji had joined Blackbeard pirates. He is now in Big Mom’s hometown to kidnap Pudding. Another member of Blackbeard pirated, Van Augur, is accompanying him.

It looks like Teach (Blackbeard) still doesn’t trust Aokiji, which is why Van Augur is alongside him. We all know how much power Aokiji possesses, so he doesn’t need anyone just to kidnap Puddin.

Blackbeard vs Law

Around half of the chapter is Law vs BB. Blackbeard used a named quake attack “Grash” after being surprised by the fact that that Law is now awakened. Law used several awakening attacks in this chapter, including Shock Wille.

Blackbeard and Law are still fighting one on one. It looks like after awakening his Devil Fruit, Law can hold his own against Blackbeard, which is really surprising.

Doc Q attacked them with apple bombs, but was stopped by Shachi -last thing we see is Blackbeard using Black Vortex

Doc Q tries to help out his captain by attacking Law with apple bombs, but Shachi stops him. At the last moments, Blackbeard uses his powerful attack, Black Vortex. This is the attack that Marshal D Teach used against Ace and knocked him out. It would be pretty difficult for Law to counter Black Vortex. Blackbeard pirates and Law’s crew start fighting.

Big Mom Death

While Law and Blackbeard fight, Pudding is a hostage on the ship of BB. It’s not confirmed whether she has awakened her 3rd eye. We only see her locked in a cell as she tells some of Teach’s subordinates, “If Mom were alive, she would shut you all up.”

The last time we saw Big Mom was in the Wano arc where Law and Kid defeated her. Both Kaido and Big Mom fell down into the mountain of Magma. It was unclear what happened to them afterwords until now.

According to Pudding’s comment, Big Mom is dead. Some new leaks from Chapter 1064 reveal the exact dialogue between Pudding and Blackbeard pirates.

Pudding: “If Mama was still alive, there wouldn’t ever be another word coming out from that mouth of yours!!” Blackbeard pirates: “Hahaha!! Right now, we are literally fighting the guy who killed Big Mom!!!” “If the old Legends just lay around taking up space, how can the era ever progress?!”

But does this actually confirms the death of Big Mom? We all know how powerful she is. Kid and Law wit awakened fruit were barely able to defeat her. It won’t be wrong to say that she could make a comeback later in the manga, but for now, it looks like most of the world, including Big Mom’s children and other pirates, believe that she has passed away.

Bonney Turns Luffy Into 70 Years Old Man

On the other side, CP0 agents were dispatched by the world government to kill Vegapunk. Kuma is also accompanying them. When they reach Egghead island, Bonney stops Luffy from attacking Kuma. She reveals that Kuma is her biological father and her only family.

Bonney says that Kuma was sentenced to life in prison and that she is from a special race.

Bonney used her power on the group: she’s now a kid Jinbe also becomes a child (like the sbs ver) Chopper is old, Luffy is 70 years old (the wrong version)

We all know that Luffy doesn’t stop when he sets his eyes on something. In order to stop Luffy and his crew from fighting Kuma, she uses her power on them. Jinbe becomes a kid, and Chopper and Luffy become old men.

Remaining Straw Hats

When Usopp’s group gets to EggHead’s Lab Phase, Lilith tells them they need to change before going in. Sanji wears a Hawaiian shirt like Jinbe.

To protect the ship, Zoro and Brook are left behind. Zoro was enough to protect the ship but he will probably sail off on his own and accidentally finds the One Piece; that is why Brook is alongside him.

Dragon Will Make His Move?

At the end of the chapter, Shaka talks to Dragon. Shaka says he (Vegapunk) will probably die soon.

It now looks more and more likely that Dragon will come to Egghead island. We know that Revolutionary Army (Dragon) wants to free the world from Celestial Dragons who rule the World Government. Vegapunk has some critical information about the World Government that could help Dragon to take them down.

Now that Dragon knows Vegapunk’s life is in danger, he will likely come to their aid. It will be interesting to see if Luffy and Dragon will meet here.

One Piece manga chapter 1064 will be released on October 23rd. You can read the series officially on the Manga Plus app.

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