One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers: Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit Revealed

As the Straw Hats venture into the Island called Egghead, they face many wonders of the Pirate World. The crew is divided into groups as a sea storm separates them, and they face different numbers of Vegapunk. What secrets does this mysterious scientist hold? One Piece chapter 1067 spoilers have answered a few of these questions.

One Piece chapter 1076 spoilers

Chapter 1066 Summary

Chapter 1066 was titled “The Will of Ohara” and it showed us a talk between some Straw Hats and Vegapunk-01 (Shaka). Shaka told them a theory that the technology in Egghead was very reminiscent of the ancient kingdom.

Shaka also said that the reason the World Government destroyed Ohara was that they were studying the void century.

The Ancient Kingdom was part of that century, which the World Government hid. Shaka also tells the Straw Hats that all the books drowned in water when Ohara was attacked and was transported to the Giant Kingdom by a mysterious giant, on which Robin starts crying as she knew that Giant was Saul, a giant who saved her when she was little.

At the end of the chapter, Luffy and Chopper meet the real Vegapunk as he pops out of a robot.

Chapter 1067 Early Spoilers

The spoilers of the latest chapter have revealed some bizarre information about the genius scientist Dr Vegapunk and some information about the Void Century.

The title of the chapter is Punk Records.

Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit

Vegapunk was born a genius but he’s also the user of the Brain Brain fruit which lets him have unlimited storage of knowledge, that’s why he had a massive head

This is an interesting revelation, as Vegapunk was a natural genius already. Still, he ate the Brain-Brain fruit, giving him such mental prowess that he could memorize any information, no matter how large it was. He has the reputation as the most genius person in the World for a reason!

We still don’t know how old Vegapunk is. Because of his Brain-Brain fruit, he surely remembers every little detail of his life. Vegapunk could be a key figure in unlocking the mysteries of the Void Century.

Vegapunk real face

Upper Part of Egghead Island

Title of the chapter is referring to the upper section of Egghead inside the egg, it’s made up of Vegapunk’s brain

The Straw Hats are still on the bottom of the Island, so we shall see what the upper Islands hold, whose name resembles Punk Hazard, which was an island that the Straw Hats had to cross when they were at the start of the World.

The ancient robot was created back in the void century and 200 years ago it attacked the world government.

As so little has been revealed about the void century so far, it feels good to hear something about it after so long from Oda-sensei.

Ancient Kingdom

CP0 try to enter Egghead

CP0 arrives on Egghead, said they’re here to return Seraphim Kuma but was denied access

Seraphim Kuma is the new type of Pacifista, based on the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Pacifista are created by Vegapunk on the order of the World Government, to replace them as the Warlord, as the Warlord system was not proving that effective.

CP0-Cipher Pole

At the end of the chapter, the real Kuma at Kamabakka gets up and starting to run to somewhere.

We finally see the real Kuma as he runs towards something not shown to us. Again, a classic Oda move! He is on the Island of Ivankov, Momoiro Island, the Island where Sanji went during Time Skip.

Bertolomeo Kuma

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