One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers: Luffy Beats Lucci in a one-sided fight

With Lucci and Luffy finally crossing paths again, they won’t settle for anything less than a fight. In the latest chapter, we shall witness these two old rivals fight each other and see how the situation on Egghead Island progresses. Will Luffy’s New Gear overpower Lucci? Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1069 are out. Here is everything you need to know about it.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers

Chapter 1068 Summary

Chapter 1069 was titled “A Genius’ Dream“, and the main headline of this chapter was the meeting between CP0 agent Rob Lucci and The Straw Hat’s Captain Luffy. This chapter also tells us about Vegapunk’s dream to provide everyone on this planet with free energy for this reason.

Vegapunk is at risk of getting assassinated by the World Government. e also see Lucci fighting Atlas, the “06” variant of Vegapunk, who Lucci entirely defeats. Shaka, the “01” variant of Vegapunk, also orders the release of some new Seraphim Kuma variants.

Chapter 1069 Early Spoilers

Chapter 1069 showcases the fight between Luffy and Rob Lucci.

The title of the chapter is “We owe all there is to desire!

Luffy Gear 5 vs Lucci Awakened Devil Fruit

Luffy Gear 5 vs Lucci with his awakened Zoan.


As to what everyone expected, Luffy is now showcasing his New Gear which features the Sun God Nika, the power that helped him beat Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers

Lucci’s awakened form is a big cat, a mix between Chopper’s Monster Point and Who’s Who fruit.

Kaku wants to help Lucci because he is fighting a Yonkou, but Lucci ignores him and continues to fight alone


On the other hand, Rob Lucci also awaken his Zoan-type Devil Fruit, Model: Leopard. His appearance is described as a mixture of Chopper’s Monster Point Awakening and Who’s Saber-Toothed Tiger modelled Zoan Fruit. Lucci is acting confident as he is unaware of Luffy’s new godly power and rejects any help he might receive.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers

New Seraphims and Their Control

Cp0 is fighting seraphim because Sentoumaru has commanded to fight against them.

There is a war to see who controls the Seraphim, but CP0 destroys a section of Egghead which is the one that communicated with the Seraphim.


The members of CP0 other than Lucci are fighting the new Seraphim variants summoned by Shaka. Sentomaru commanded them to fight CP0 agents, so they could not avoid this fight. Also, the CP0 agents destroy a part of Egghead that is communicating with the Seraphim variants, so no one is in control of these Seraphim variants now.

Luffy KOs Rob Lucci

Luffy overwhelms, scares and defeats Lucci by KOing him

Luffy defeats Lucci in one hit and Lucci is unconcious


The power which was strong enough to beat the strongest being alive, Kaido, has no rival. So, Lucci was beaten and even scared by Luffy’s new powers.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers

Kizaru on his way to Egghead island

Akainu inquires about Kizaru but he has already left for Egghead


Kizaru has been interested in the Straw Hats from the very start of the series, so he wants to come to Egghead Island and is on his way. What might be the reason for this?

The Human-Human Fruit Model: Nika is not present in the book of Devil Fruits

The mythological Hito Hito no Mi model “Nika” does not appear in the Akuma no Mi book.


This information might be the most appealing in the whole chapter. Luffy’s awakened power showed his natural devil fruit, a human-human devil fruit (Model: Nika). But this devil fruit is not available in the book of devil fruits. What might this Godly devil fruit be? Does it hold some secrets that are not known to the world?

Luffy Gear 5

Lucci wants to escape Egghead.

 Lucci gets recovered before the chapter ends due to his aweakening and wants to leave the Island because of how bad he has been treated. (Because of Luffy’s Strength and Power)


Utterly defeated by Luffy, Lucci now seeks an escape route from Egghead as he is now aware that Luffy is not in his League and it’s better to escape now!

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