One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers: Kaku vs Zoro Again?

Luffy and Vegapunk have now united, and they will escape Egghead Island together. But what awaits them outside might be a new challenge. Lucci and all CP0 control Seraphims and search for Luffy and Vegapunk. Will they be able to stop Luffy before he runs? Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1071 are out. Here is everything you need to know about it.

One Piece Chapter 1071 "Unconfirmed" Spoilers: Kizaru vs Zoro? Void Century Flashback?

Chapter 1070 Quick Summary

Chapter 1070 was titled “We owe all there is to desire!“. The biggest reveal of this chapter was the artificial synthesis process of Devil Fruits, revealed by Dr Vegapunk. Zoan and Paramecia-type devil fruits are easy to complicate, whereas Logia-type devil fruits are impossible to replicate (due to unknown reasons). At the end of the chapter, we see a glimpse of Kizaru as he is onto something against Luffy and Vegapunk, who are trying to escape him from Egghead Island.

Chapter 1071 Early Spoilers

Chapter 1071 will give us details on what is happening to Koby, who got kidnapped by Blackbeard on Amazon Lily.

The chapter is titled “A Hero Appears.”

Zoro meets Kaku again after Water-Seven Arc.

Zoro vs. Kaku


Since their showdown during the Water-Seven Arc, they meet again on Sunny when CP0 tries to exit Egghead Island. Brook is also present with Zoro as they both decided to stay at Sunny. Will Kaku face the same fate as Lucci as Zoro is now stronger than the last time, just like Luffy?

A panel of their fight leaked:

Chapter 1071 spoilers

The text roughly translates as:

Kaku: What?

Zoro: Who… is hindering my sleep?

Translation of text in the panel

Kuma is in the chapter.


The last time Kuma was seen, he tried to escape Kamabakka Island, where Revolutionary Army was staying. He was trying to chase something, and we didn’t know what it was!

Garp, on the rescue of his apprentice

Garp is going to rescue Koby from Blackbeard.


Blackbeard pirates kidnaped Koby, and the person going to his rescue is his teacher, Garp. Let’s see what happens between Garp and Blackbeard!

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers: Kizaru vs Zoro Again?

The Final Showdown?

Kid and his crew are traveling to Elbaf.


This might signal the final showdown, which will be happening on Elbaf Island, as foreshadowed by Oda before. Let’s see if Kid and his crew reach this Island before anyone else!

One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers: Kizaru vs Zoro Again?

One Piece Manga will be on break next week. (After this chapter is released).

One Piece Chapter 1071 will officially release on January 7, 2023. You can read it on the Manga Plus app. As always, we advise you to read the Manga via official means to support the creator of the series.

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