One Piece Chapter 1090 Spoilers: Kizaru In the Spotlight

One Piece Spoilers (for chapter 1090) came this week pretty early despite it being a break week this time. Last time, we saw how Kizaru and Saturn are close to Egghead Island and that York is now at the mercy of the Straw Hats.

We also see people reacting to the news of Garp’s disappearance and see how the disappearance of Lulusia Island has caused some complications. Early Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1090 are now available. Read on for all the essential details.

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One Piece Chapter 1089 Quick Summary

Chapter 1089 was titled “Beams and RIngs Collide!” and it started with the world knowing about Garp’s disappearance. We also learn how the sea level has been rising around Lulusia Island since Imu removed it.

We see Kizaru and Saturn discussing how they want to block all exits to Egghead, and at the end of the chapter, we see Vegapunk York asking Kizaru for help as she fears being killed by Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 1090 Early Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1090 is titled “Admiral Kizaru,”which refers to the Admiral Borsalino Kizaru getting the spotlight in this chapter.

Kizaru Arrives at Egghead Island Early

One Piece Chapter 1090 Early Spoilers: Kizaru on the Spotlight!

In the previous chapter, Kizaru is seen on the ship with Saturn and his whole Navy crew. But in this chapter, he is the only one present on Egghead Island.

He uses his devil fruit technique called “Yata no Kagami,” which allows him to create light out of nowhere and travel with the speed of light.

Sentomaru is the first to spot Kizaru and is seen in a showdown with the Admiral. He blocks one of Kizaru’s lightsabers, also one of Kizaru’s most used techniques.

York being Mischievous

The Straw Hat crew is thinking of escaping Egghead Island with the help of Vegapunk’s machines, alongside Vegapunk himself.

The spoilers of One Piece chapter 1090 also add that Robin is with the Straw Hats, which indicates that Robin’s life is again about to be in danger.

York has some other plans to trap the Straw Hats. She put a password on Egghead Island, so no one could escape it. This is a possible scenario, as Egghead is technologically advanced compared to other islands.

Seraphim In Love With Luffy

One Piece Chapter 1090 Early Spoilers: Kizaru on the Spotlight!

The Seraphim on Egghead Island are all enclosed in some bubbles. This may be due to someone’s technique, a devil fruit user already present at Egghead Island.

Moreover, the S-Snake Seraphim has fallen in love with Luffy. This may be due to the lineage factor that S-Snake has, whose actual owner, Boa Hancock, is also in love with Luffy. Due to this, S-Snake releases Franky’s certification.

Luffy and Gorosei Saturn

It is seen that Saturn has contacted Luffy through the Transponder Snail in hopes of a conversation with him. And just like the classic Luffy, the first thing Luffy says is, “I am going to be the King of Pirates,” which has happened many times.

Morgans is seen listening to this conversation in search of some juice regarding his news article. At the end of the chapter, we see Luffy using his Observation Haki to sense the presence of a strong enemy on Egghead Island. This is most definitely Admiral Kizaru.

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One Piece Chapter 1090 will officially release on August 20, 2023. You can read it on the Manga Plus app. As always, we advise you to read the manga via official means to support the creator of the series.

One Piece Chapter 1091 is expected to release on September 3, 2023. (As there is a break)

The Source of all these One Piece Chapter 1090 Spoilers is Etenboy and Redon, which have officially provided One Piece Spoilers from the start and shared them on One Piece Reddit. Check back for updates and analysis on this exciting new chapter in the One Piece saga!

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