One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers: Vegapunk REVEALS The Truth!

The break week flew by in the blink of an eye, and One Piece chapter 1108 spoilers have finally hit the internet.

Egghead arc’s conclusion is right around the corner. Luffy and the gang fight against Saturn and Kizaru with all their might, with the help of Vegapunk, Bonney, and, surprisingly, Kuma.

After the arrival of Dorry and Broggy, all of the ships surrounding Egghead Island were crushed down, and Bonney’s wish to see Sun-God Nika was finally accepted.

At the end of chapter 1108, Catarina from Blackbeard Pirates arrives and touches Saturn, allowing her to shapeshift into him.

Here are One Piece chapter 1108 spoilers.

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One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers:

Chapter 1108 opens with Augur and Devon not trusting Caribou’s motives. Caribou says he has valuable information, and if they bring him to Teach, he will tell him everything he knows. However, they do not trust him enough.

Back at the Marines, we are revealed the nine vice admirals present at Egghead, and the nameless are: Pomsky, Tosa, Hound, Urban, and Guillotine.

The marines begin to have problems against the Pacafistas since their Bubble Shields can protect them against cannonballs. So, their priorities change, and they begin to hunt down Bonney to take over the Pacafistas.

Vice Admiral Tosa chases Franky’s group, but before he can attack them with his ability, Dorry and Broggy crush him.

Dorry and Brogy deploy other giants to help Franky and his group retreat back to the ship. Bonney tells them that Luffy and other Strawhats are still fighting in the middle of the island, and Dorry and Brogy move to help them.

As they move towards the middle, they remember their “Scholar” who tells them about the great Vegapunk.

Bluegrass and Doll ride in a Sea Beast Weapon, where Bluegrass asks Doll if she has ever seen the strength of the giants. Doll replies she worked under Saul around two decades ago.

The focus shifts to Luffy and his group, where Vegapunk asks Luffy and Sanji not to take him anymore since he has remembered to take care of something.

Originally, Vegapunk was planning to reveal to Bonney that she controls the Pacafistas. However, now that everyone knows about it, she will be hunted down.

Saturn returns from the rubble to face Luffy in his maximum output form, where he has transformed into a giant spider-like body with frightening eyes.

He attacks Luffy and Sanji with his tentacle-like leg with a poisonous enchantment, but Luffy manages to dodge it jokingly, as Nika would do.

Sanji takes Vegapunk, and also dodges Saturn’s attacks while Vegapunk whines. However, Kizaru reappears and kicks them down.

Vegapunk falls from Sanji’s hands, and Kizaru swiftly moves to stab Vegapunk right in the chest. Luffy sees their situation and asks Sanji to take Vegapunk and run away as he transforms into a giant form.

Before they know it, Luffy grabs Saturn’s head and Kizaru’s body with his other hand as he spits blood out. While Luffy rages, we see Vegapunk and Sanji in the distance, where Vegapunk smiles despite his serious injuries.

Sanji asks him what happened, and suddenly, at the Punks’ Record Lab, a broadcast starts where Vegapunk talks.

At the chapter’s end, Vegapunk tests the mic, reveals that he is broadcasting worldwide, and begins to expose the “truth” to everyone.

There will be no break next week. One Piece Chapter 1108 will be released on 25 February 2024.

One Piece chapter 1108 and all of the prior chapters are available to read on the Mangaplus app and Viz Media’s website.

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