One Piece Reveals The Painful Reason Behind Bonney’s Piercing

Jewelry Bonney is one of the pirates of the worst generation who has had several close encounters with Luffy, and she is very popular among the fanbase. One notable thing about Jewelry Bonney is her face piercing. As it turns out, there is a really painful past attached to it.

bonney piercing
Spoiler Alert: Before moving forward, the following article will discuss spoilers up until One Piece chapter 1102.

In case you are not aware, for the past few chapters in One Piece, fans have been treated to the backstory of Kuma and Ginny. Both Ginny and Kuma were slaves of the celestial dragons who were able to flee from them.

However, Ginny was captured by a celestial dragon who forcefully made her his wife. Ginny, while being pregnant, was somehow able to flee from the celestial dragons. Although Ginny was not able to make it, the child survived. Kuma took the responsibility of raising the child. The child was named Bonney.

Unfortunately, Bonney had gotten the disease that her mother had, which was that if she was exposed to sunlight, she would turn into blue stone. Bonney was showing the same symptoms as below her eye; there was a small blue stone growing.

Kuma left the Revolutionary Army to be with Bonney and keep her safe from the sunlight. When Bonney was five years old, another doctor examined her and stated that even if Bonney doesn’t go anywhere near sunlight, she will only have five years to live.

bonney and kuma

Kuma contacted Vegapunk, who revealed that he could cure Bonney; however, the procedure would be very expensive. In exchange for Kuma donating some of his blood and allowing it to be used to produce clone soldiers, Dr. Vegapunk agreed to cure Bonney.

However, when this information reached the five elders, they gave three additional conditions to Kuma. The first was that Kuma would become one of the seven Warlords. The second is to become a human weapon for the navy. The third is that Kuma must give up his free will.

Kuma, being the saint he is, agreed to these conditions if it meant curing Bonney.

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The Reason Why Bonney Has a Piercing

bonney one piece

Bonney was sort of under ‘house arrest’ while being treated for her disease in the kingdom of Sorbet while Kuma was doing the Government’s bidding and going under the transformation of being a cyborg.

When Bonney was cured, she was still being babysat by the government agent Alpha, who also refused to give any letters that Kuma had written to Bonney and kept her in the dark.

Bonney was able to flee from that place by using her devil fruit ability to defeat Agent Alpha. Bonney then started her journey as a pirate in search of finding Kuma.

Although One Piece chapter 1102 is yet to be released, one page from the upcoming chapter was shown during the Jump Festa 2024.

one piece chapter 1102

The page revealed that the reason why Bonney wears a piercing on her face is that if there is nothing where her Face Stone was, Kuma (her dad) might not be able to recognize her.

That is also the reason for Bonney becoming a pirate, as she wants to become a popular pirate so that her father can easily recognize her.

The bitter truth is that One Piece manga readers know that Bonney was not able to meet Kuma in time, and when she did, he had lost all of his free will and was just a slave to celestial dragons.

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