One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers: Iron Giant Returns!

One Piece Chapter 1111 spoilers have arrived, but they have brought quite some sad news with them.

The Egghead’s arc conclusion is right around the corner, and the situation just continues to stir up at the island.

Luffy’s Gear 5 has once again dominated the battle against Kizaru and Saturn. However, the other Gorosei have arrived at the island, and all of them have transformed into their Yokai forms.

Before the Gorosei could attack, the giants arrived and swept the whole island from them, which gave a major assistance boost to Luffy.

However, the Gorosei managed to completely immobilize the Pacafista, and now they’re one step ahead of the island’s security.

In the end, Zoro is revealed to be the victor of the battle between him and CP0’s Rob Lucci, even though he was in his awakened form.

Here are One Piece chapter 1111 spoilers:

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One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with one of the Gorosei trying to enter Labophase forcefully, but he fails to do so. As the fight between Zoro and Rob Lucci ended with Zoro being the victor, Lucci is still standing.

At the center of the Island, the battle between Luffy and other Gorosei continues. The giants ask Luffy about Sun God Nika, but Luffy still cannot get his mind straight and fails to understand what are they asking.

While the giants ask Luffy, the Warcury launches a huge wave of Haki, which confuses Luffy but he begins to laugh instead. As the giants protect Luffy from the Gorosei, he replicates a baseball bat and smashes the Gorosei with it.

The other Straw Hat gang runs toward the giants’ ships to escape the Egghead to leave for Elbaf. The marines on the Island comfort Kizaru, but he tells them to let him rest in peace for now.

At the end of the chapter, Iron Giant finally wakes up and apologizes to Joy Boy.

One Piece will be going on a three-week break after chapter 1111. One Piece Chapter 1111 is scheduled for 24th March 2024.

One Piece chapter 1111 and all of the prior chapters are available to read on the Mangaplus app and Viz Media’s website.

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