Rent-a-Girlfriend Author’s Step-Sibling Romance Manga Gets Anime

Reiji Miyajima, the celebrated creator of the smash-hit romantic comedy “Rent-a-Girlfriend,” is diving back into the world of anime with a fresh and intriguing new story.

the shiunji family anime

“The Shiunji Family Children,” the manga about a wealthy family of step-siblings is getting its own TV anime adaptation.

Reiji Miyajima is a master at crafting relatable, flawed, and utterly lovable characters. In “Rent-a-Girlfriend,” fans adore the messy love lives of Kazuya and the girls he rents, along with their quirky personalities. “The Shiunji Family Children” promises a similar brand of heartwarming humor, but with a twist.

the shiunji family anime adaptation

The Shiunji Family Children centers around Arata Shiunji, a young man content living with his five sisters and younger brother. His failure to find a girlfriend casts a shadow of doubt over his romantic future.

That is until his father drops a bombshell: Arata and his siblings aren’t blood relatives. This stunning revelation turns their seemingly conventional family life on its head.

How will Arata cope with this newfound knowledge? Could hidden feelings within the family come to light?

Kadokawa, the producer behind popular anime adaptations like Re Zero and No Game No Life, takes on this project, ensuring “The Shiunji Family Children” will be treated with skilled animation and meticulous attention to detail. With such a compelling manga as source material, this anime has the potential to captivate the audience.

Details about the staff, cast, and release date of the anime are yet to be revealed.

“The Shiunji Family Children,” has captivated readers since its debut in Weekly Shōnen Magazine on February 9th, 2022. Fans can collect physical volumes of the manga, released by Kodansha, or find digital chapters on platforms associated with Weekly Shōnen Magazine, or popular eBook retailers like Amazon Kindle and Bookwalker.

To stay updated on the latest releases and purchasing options, be sure to check Kodansha’s website or your preferred manga retailer.

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