One Piece Fans Are Freaking Out Over A Shocking Reveal In Manga

As a One Piece fan, if you open Twitter right now, you will see ‘Buggy’ trending and by accident if you clicked on that hashtag, you will be spoiled about a shocking reveal that has happened in the manga chapter 1053. So, if you are an anime only fan, and do not want to get spoiled, you should turn back now.

One Piece chapter 1053 spoilers just released on the internet, and fans are in utter disbelief at what is happening in the manga series. First, we got to know about Admiral Ryokugyu’s powers. He has the power to create plants and absorb people’s nutrients, but that is not the most unbelievable thing that has been revealed in the manga. According to spoilers, Luffy and Buggy have become the 2 new emperors of the sea.

Luffy becoming an emperor is understandable as he took down Kaido, but Buggy has done no such deed, from what we know so far. Keep in mind that there were already some gag theories about Buggy becoming a Yonko but no one seriously thought that Eiichiro Oda will actually make him a Yonko. Here’s how fans are reacting to this information on Twitter:

Many manga readers predicted that either Law or Kidd will become one of the emperors of the sea, but here is what actually happened according to @tiltedmoria.

Peak Fiction Achieved

Two Type of One Piece Fans


Another One Piece fan even shared a fan made manga chapter where Buggy awakens his devil fruit, and even Blackbeard and Sakazuki are afraid of his awakened devil fruit power.

There is one way where Buggy D Clown becoming a Yonko can be justified by Eiichiro Oda. Remember that currently we are in the Wano country, so we don’t what’s going on in the outside world. Buggy must have done something in that period of time, which got the world government attention. Regardless, we should keep an open mind because the chapter isn’t even out yet. Surely, there will be more explanation about how Buggy became an emperor.

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