One Piece Live Action Reveals First Look At Young StrawHats

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of “One Piece” is drawing closer to its official release date on August 31. As part of the promotion for one of Netflix’s highest-budget series, the streaming service has been actively sharing sneak peeks on social media.

On August 15, the official Instagram account for the “One Piece” live-action series unveiled the first look at the young Straw Hat characters.

It appears that the live-action adaptation will delve into the backstories of many of the beloved Straw Hat crew members.

Colton Osorio, a 13-year-old Colombian-American actor, has been cast in the role of young Monkey D. Luffy.

young luffy one piece live action

Christian Convery, a 13-year-old American-Canadian actor known for his leading roles in Netflix’s “Sweet Tooth” and the recently released film “Cocaine Bear,” will be portraying the role of Young Sanji.

young sanji one piece live action

First look at young Usopp, Zoro, and Nami has been revealed as well:

Young Nami

nami live action

Young Zoro

zoro one piece live action

Young Usopp

usopp one piece live action

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Eiichiro Oda Will Take Responsibility If One Piece Live Action Goes Wrong

Following the release of the trailer for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of “One Piece,” many anime fans expressed skepticism, fearing another unsuccessful Hollywood attempt to adapt a beloved Japanese manga.

In response, Eiichiro Oda, the creator of “One Piece,” shared a heartfelt message to address these concerns. He openly acknowledged the challenges faced during the project’s development and the potential for criticism after the launch. Emphasizing his understanding of fans’ deep love for the franchise, Oda expressed his readiness to accept even critical comments.

Oda went further, stating that if anything goes wrong with the “One Piece” live-action adaptation, he will stand side by side with the cast and staff, taking responsibility for the project.

His message also shed light on the behind-the-scenes efforts, including the cast’s dedication, the intricate set and costume design, and the unique challenges of adapting his life’s work for a new audience. He stressed the meticulous care taken to ensure the live-action version would not appear unnatural.

Oda’s praise for Inaki Godoy’s portrayal of Monkey D. Luffy was a notable highlight, as he expressed satisfaction with how certain lines were brought to life.

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