One Piece Live Action Writer Compares Luffy To Kamala Harris

Updated on September 12th, 2021

Anime fans feared one thing the most and that is involving politics in anime. When One Piece live action was announced by Netflix, One Piece fans were most concerned about the involvement of politics in the live action adaptation of One Piece.

A Twitter user @tacticalfiend posted screenshots of Instagram posts made by One Piece live action head writer, Steven Maeda. On his personal Instagram, Steven Maeda shared a side by side post of Luffy and Kamala Harris (vice president of United States) with the caption “Monkey D. Luffy, Kamala D. Harris, Will of D?”. In case you don’t know, In One Piece, characters having “D” as their middle name are considered fearless and a strong will to achieve their goals.

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Unsurprsingly, many anime fans did not like this comparison. After a few days, Maeda shared another side by side comparison. This time comparing One Piece series villain, St. Charlos, and former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Source: Instagram

In One Piece, St. Charlos is one of the world nobles having complete authority over the world. They are practically considered above the law.

In the caption, Maeda wrote “To those who think One Piece post shouldn’t be political or anti-fascist, here’s before and after of St. Charlos!”

Although, Maeda has deleted his Instagram post about comparing Luffy and Kamala Harris, comparison of St. Charlos and Donald Trump is still live on his Instagram. What do you think about this comparison being made by the head writer of One Piece live action series?

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One thought on “One Piece Live Action Writer Compares Luffy To Kamala Harris

  1. I can’t wait for the day when people like Steven Maeda get what’s coming to them. They have hijacked our culture for too long, and they have the gall to call themselves antifa when they are the biggest fascists of all. There is a serious backlash brewing that people like him are really not going to like, and I can’t wait. They really thought they could step on us forever with no consequences. They really believe that they’ll never pay for what they do. I’m looking forward to the day when they are proved wrong, and violently so.

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