One Piece: Oda Hints Luffy Will Use Gear 5 To Defeat Kaido

One Piece chapter 1042 just officially got released with a lot of surprises for fans. The fierce fight between Luffy and Kaido got interrupted by the commander of CP0, which resulted in Luffy getting taken out by Kaido’s punch. Fans believe that Oda has dropped hints of Luffy’s new form that he will use to defeat Kaido.

While Luffy and Kaido were fighting on the dome, the commander of CP0 who, after defeating X-Drake, climbed on the dome, and intervened between Luffy and Kaido’s battle. At this crucial time, Luffy got distracted, and was knocked unconscious by Kaido’s conqueror Haki.

This will be the 3rd time, Luffy has been defeated by Kaido in solo battle. The first time Luffy used Gear 4, but was easily defeated by Kaido, and thrown into prison where he learned how to use Advanced Haki. He again confronted Kaido but was defeated, and almost fell to his death.

Kaido, who is the strongest creature in the world is proving to be too strong for Luffy even with his combine attacks of advance armament haki and conqueror haki. Luffy needs another power up to defeat Kaido, and it seems Oda has already given hints of Gear 5. In the Japanese One Piece community, a theory is going viral where gear 5th is supposedly written on Luffy’s face.

Another way to defeat Kaido will be Luffy’s fruit awakening. As we already know that the 2 captains of the worst generation, Kid and Law have already awakened their fruit in the Wano Arc. So, Luffy’s devil fruit awakening to defeat Kaido will definitely make sense.

What are your thoughts on Luffy’s upcoming power up? Would like to see Luffy’s devil fruit awakening, or Gear 5? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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