One Piece Reveals Garp is So Much More Powerful Than We Initially Thought

One Piece manga returned after a week-long break, unveiling some unexpected events. Fans discovered that Luffy’s grandpa, Garp, is much stronger than they first thought. This revelation led fans to revisit an old scenario where Garp might have taken out a primary antagonist if a navy admiral hadn’t stopped him.

One Piece Reveals Garp is So Much More Powerful Than We Originally Thought

Quick Summary of the Events So Far

For anime watchers who are viewing this article out of interest, here’s a quick summary of the events, but beware of manga spoilers.

After the end of the Wano arc, the Straw Hats stumbled upon Egghead Island, where Luffy meets Vegapunk and his variants. CP0 arrives, and Luffy has to help Vegapunk escape as the World Government is after him. Before this, Blackbeard invades Amazon Lily Island and kidnaps Coby, who was trying to help the Kuja Pirates. The story then transitions to the fight between Shanks and Captain Kidd, which Shanks wins easily. Finally, Chapter 1080 takes place on Beehive Island, where Garp gets the spotlight.

Chapter 1080 hasn’t been officially released yet, but fan translations are already circulating on the internet, along with a coloured version, highlighting the importance of this chapter.

Quick Summary of Chapter 1080

One Piece chapter 1080 starts with the news of Coby’s escape from Blackbeard’s prison. Perona helped Coby escape in exchange for the release of Gekko Moria from the inner prison of Blackbeard. The SWORD agency is also at Beehive Island looking for their Captain Coby (as it is revealed that Coby is one of the SWORD leaders). The Cross Guild placed a bounty of 500 million beri on Coby, and everyone is looking for him. There is a battle between the Blackbeard pirates and SWORD, and this is where things get interesting!

The Real Potential of Garp

Helmeppo, Tashigi and the teacher of Coby, Garp, are in the flying ship. Before the ship lands, Garp jumps out of the ship and attacks the whole island with his Advanced Conqueror’s Haki under the name “Galaxy Impact” and destroys the whole town where pirates were chasing Coby.

The Advanced Conqueror’s Haki is among the most formidable abilities in the One Piece universe. As stated by Kaido, only the exceptionally powerful can harness this force, signifying that mastery over it places the wielder among the world’s most potent individuals.

One Piece Reveals Garp is So Much More Powerful Than We Originally Thought

When some pirates saw Garp before he landed his “Galaxy Impact”, they were discussing whether Garp retired or not. Sadly they had to learn this the hard way that Garp is still the same monster who fought the Xebec Pirates alongside Roger. But his rage is only exposed when one of his beloved is threatened, which in this case was his beloved pupil Coby.

Did Akainu Get Lucky During the Paramount War?

One Piece Reveals Garp is So Much More Powerful Than We Originally Thought

After this epic chapter, fans only have one question. Did Sengoku save the life of Admiral Sakazuki during the Paramount Arc when Sengoku held down Garp? Well, now we can for sure say yes! At that time, most fans thought Garp would have just distracted Akainu at that time until Ace would have escaped. Still, this chapter confirms that if Fleet Admiral Sengoku hadn’t stopped Garp from moving, Admiral Akainu would have been history, and Ace would have been alive too.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you also think Garp could have killed Admiral Akainu if Sengoku didn’t hold him down? Let us know in the comments down below.

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