One Piece Reveals Shanks Origin

Since the start of the One Piece anime and manga series, Shanks has been a mystery to fans. Despite having a cheerful attitude, he is respected all over the world, and no one can challenge his position as a Yonko.

who is shanks one piece red

After 25 years since the One Piece manga series started, we know very little about who is Shanks. What are his origins? How did he board the ship of Roger Pirates? To everyone’s surprise, Eiichiro Oda decided to reveal a lot of information during the premiere of the One Piece film Red.

One Piece film Red is currently premiering in Japan, and a worldwide premiere was also held in France. To cinema-goers in Japan, a free One Piece volume titled “Volume 4 Billion” was distributed, which contained a lot of information about Shanks.

According to the information revealed in One Piece volume 4 Billion, Shanks was found as a 1-year-old baby by Rogers and his second in command, Rayleigh. He was found in a treasure chest stolen by Rogers during the God Valley Incident. According to some fans, this new info confirms that Shanks is a celestial dragon or someone related to celestial dragons.

Shanks’ bounty at the beginning of the series was 1.004 billion berries. This is when Luffy was just a kid and Shanks lost his arm to save Luffy from the sea monster.

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Shanks is known as the “Observation Haki Slayer” as he can kill his opponents before they are able to use future sight. He uses his burning sword against enemies. Oda also revealed in the One Piece volume 4 billion that Shanks has his own plans for the new era.

One Piece anime film will soon be released in cinemas worldwide. Only 2 countries outside of Japan have the film’s exact release date. One Piece Red will be released in France on August 10 and in Taiwan on August 19.

Crunchyroll will bring the One Piece Red to the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand in the Fall (October-December) of 2022. Anime Limited will bring the film to UK in Fall 2022.


The story of the film centers around Shank’s daughter, Uta, who is worlds renowned singer. Nobody, knows her identity despite her popularity. For the first time, she will appear in the public to perform a concert. All the Uta fans, including pirates have gathered for her concert. Luffy and his crew are also there to enjoy her performance. However, due to some incidents, it is revealed that she is Shanks daughter.

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