One Piece: Straw Hat’s Ship Will Come To Life In Film Red

One Piece film red is now only a few months away from officially releasing in Japan on August 6. The One Piece Twitter account is hyping up fans by releasing more information about the upcoming film. In addition to Chopper, the Straw Hat crew will be joined by another humanoid creature.

Thousand Sunny kun

Straw Hat’s crew 2nd ship after Going Merry called Thousand Sunny will come to life in the upcoming One Piece film red. The official Twitter account of One Piece Red has called her “Sunny-kun”. Eiichiro Oda also shared the detailed character design of Sunny Kun.

In her character design, you could see that she still has the same face as before. In addition, she has also gotten a cute foxy tail. Overall, Sunny kun looks really cute. Fans will surely have difficulty deciding on who is more adorable, Chopper or Sunny Kun?

thousand sunny one piece red

One Piece film red tells the story of Shank’s daughter, Uta, who is the most beloved singer in the world. Despite her popularity, nobody knows her true identity. She will appear in the public for the first time to perform a concert. All the Uta fans, including pirates have gathered for her concert. Luffy and his crew are also there to enjoy her performance. However, due to some incidents, it is revealed that she is Shanks daughter.

Of course, One Piece film red is non canon like other franchise films. There is no confirmation on when One Piece red will be released in worldwide cinemas. Just like other anime movies, it is expected that the film will be released worldwide 3 to 4 months after the release date in Japan.

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Source: One Piece Red Twitter

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