Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers: Hikaru’s Dirty Truth Revealed

Oshi no Ko chapter 132 spoilers have finally surfaced on the internet; this time, it was much earlier than expected. The series has been on a roll since the filming started, and members of B-Komachi have faced numerous hurdles as it is their first time acting.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers

The 15 Years of Lie” serves as a biography of one of the most famous idols of Japan, Ai Hoshino, the mother of Ruby and Aqua Hoshino.

Along with the acting, some dark secrets that only Ai knew about herself are also coming to light, as per the script written by Aqua Hoshino.

Now that they have finally arrived, here are Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of d0nut on Twitter/X!

Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers:

Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 begins with Kana in the studio talking about how she always beams a smile on her face despite everything. She calls herself the ‘in charge of smiles.’

The acting continues, and there’s a sign in the studio that tells the actors what to do next, which currently says “Support Ai.” Akane says that Ai (Ruby, in acting) will not get married if she maintains the same attitude and cannot live without Akane.

Both Akane and Kana are set to play the original members of B-Komachi, Takamine, and Nino. Luckily, the natural Nino and Takamine were present at the studio. Kana says Ruby has a decent face and immense popularity.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers

Takamine is sitting with Kana and also calls Nino to sit with her. Nino arrives, and Takamine tells her how lucky she is to be portrayed as such a beauty. Nino agrees as well, but receiving acclaim from the elites flatters Kana.

Mem-cho also arrives, and she explains how grateful she is to meet the original members of the B-Komachi group. Takamine jokingly calls Mem-cho irrelevant, and she gets confused. Akane asks Ruby to greet them, but she reveals that she already met them before as soon as they entered the studio.

Ruby is a fan of B-Komachi, but it does not mean she likes every member of the group. She would never have been this ecstatic if it were the group’s initial members. She knows how bad the relationship between her mother and B-Komachi’s sensei was.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers

Back to Kana and Nino, she decides to ask her some questions that could give her an upper hand against Akane, as they are considerable friends yet rivals. Nino reveals that there was nothing like this in the old group, as no one could go against Ai.

B-Komachi got into the spotlight thanks to Ai’s charming and charismatic personality. After a few more questions, Nino reveals that she hated Ai with all of her guts, to the point of wishing that she should disappear from the world eternally. The worst part was that Nino said it right on her face.

Ruby was also sitting along Kana, so she obviously had something up her sleeves to protect her mother’s name. Ruby asked Nino if she ever felt guilty about talking to Ai like that, and Nino said she might have.

Switching the topics, Ruby says she is not bothered by her questions and moves away. Nino tells Ruby that even if she told her mother to disappear forever, she would forget it and forgive me. Ai Hoshino was the most unbreakable and invincible idol of her time, according to Nino.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers

Nino is grateful to work with Ai and tells everyone that she will never see someone like her ever again, a gem of a person Ai was.

Going further, Nino explains to someone on call that if someone surpassed Ai, she would never forgive them, even if it was her daughter, and in the end, says the name “Hikaru-san.”

If you are unfamiliar, Hikaru is the alleged killer of Ai. The chapter ends with this plot twist, which shows Nino was always connected with Hikaru, which means she has something to do with Ai’s murder.

No break next week. Oshi no Ko will return on Wednesday, 29 November 2023.

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