Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 Spoilers: Mem-Cho Overtakes!

With the recent chapters of the manga series, Oshi no Ko has been consistently gaining the appreciation it deserves.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 Spoilers

The series has been one of the most anticipated since the beginning, as written by the famous mangaka, Aka Akasa, well-known for Kaguya Sama: Love is War.

Leaving the fans with significant moments to anticipate in the upcoming chapter, Oshi no Ko has paved the way for another new installment! The shooting for “15 Years of Lie” has begun, and all of our favorite idols are paving their way to debut on the big screen!

Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 ended with Ruby finally making her perfect cut in the movie, representing Ai Hoshino. The director of Strawberry Productions is someone not to be messed around with, and unless he is satisfied, he will not let the central actors take a rest.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 spoilers have finally surfaced! Sadly, the manga series is set to go on a concise hiatus of one week after the release of the upcoming installment. In this article, we will significantly discuss all available spoilers in detail.

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of d0nut on Twitter/X!

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Oshi no Ko Chapter 130 Spoilers & Raw Scans

According to Oshi no Ko chapter 130 spoilers, the chapter will be titled “Basic Strategy.” The chapter opens with Mem-Cho arriving at the studio to make a special announcement. Everyone guesses that it’s just Mem-Cho livestreaming after a long time.

But Mem-Cho shuts everyone down and says she will finally debut in a movie. While some congratulate her, others say she is bragging on another level.

To this, Mem stays quiet but states how challenging her life has been.

Leaving school at an early age, when she became a YouTuber, and when she got accepted for her first job, she saw multiple rough challenges in life.

Mem goes on and on but finally ends her conversation by explaining how she never stopped taking another step.

This is her “Basic Strategy.” Suddenly, the clock hits 6:30 AM, and the security guard begins to move her out of the building.

According to a woman, Kaburagi has always remained persistent. Mem should follow Akane as an example and build an innocent character.

Shifting the focus to Kana, she explains how everyone is being paid, but a single mistake from an actor can cause a delay in the whole set. Everyone focuses heavily on the work in the studio, so the actors also should take credibility.

A heated argument between Kana and Mem breaks out, but Akane handles and shuts them down. Mem-Cho begins following her monologues and explains how everyone should be confident in their own way, and nothing would be a problem for them.

After her Monologue, Aqua appreciates Mem-Cho’s efforts. Mem asks why Aqua wrote the movie, where his father will serve as an antagonist but is also filled with his solitude.

Aqua explains how this is all the work of a professional whose script has received the director’s edits.

As Mem-Cho’s and Aqua’s conversation ends, the shooting begins again. Ruby, who is reprising the role of Ai, follows her monologues and hits her peak perfection in acting. The chapter ends with Ruby telling the 15-year-old Aqua’s actor the story of their father.

The series will go on break next week!

If you are unfamiliar, Oshi no Ko chapter 130 and the upcoming installments will be available to read on the Mangaplus app andΒ website!

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