Oshi No Ko Chapter 135 Spoilers: Kana’s Truth Revealed

Oshi no Ko chapter 135 spoilers have surfaced after garnering quite a handful of anticipation from the fandom.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers

The series, unfortunately, went on an undisclosed hiatus the previous week due to Aka Akasaka sensei falling ill.

The filming of “15 Years of Lie” continues successfully, but there are some misunderstandings between Kana and Ruby now.

Kana and Ruby are avoiding each other at their maximum capacity, and the tension is growing. Chapter 134 ended with Ruby hallucinating Ai, her mother, in a mirror, crying.

Here are the long-awaited Oshi no Ko chapter 135 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are a courtesy of d0nut on Twitter/X!

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 Spoilers:

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 begins with a conversation between the director and Aqua, discussing Ruby’s heartbreak.

Aqua speculates that Ruby is sad due to her friends abandoning her, and a tiny part of the script where Nino shouts at Ai. Additionally, he reveals that Ruby asked her if her mother cried, and according to Aqua, Ai Hoshino never cried.

In his eyes, Ai was a carefree and nonchalant person who used to avoid crucial situations, and he had never seen her cry.

The director reveals that long ago, when he was capturing Ai, she said, “Capture the real me,” and it’s still stuck with him. It was considered a challenge for him, and Ai was telling herself to stop acting in front of him.

Taking this job as revenge, the director wants to capture the real Ai this time, and he casts Ruby for this purpose, as she spits out an identical image of her mother.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers

And thanks to Ruby’s efforts, the director is continuing the filming. If she acted a little looser, it would become unbearable. At the end of their conversation, the director thinks Ruby should be fine as she has Kana on her side.

Kana was a selfish person in her past who cared about nothing but the world of acting, the realm which encompasses everything around her. The director only made Aqua and Ruby meet Kana to give her a reality check, as she always wanted friends.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 135 spoilers

Back to the filming, Aqua witnesses Kana and Ruby ignoring each other and asks if it is okay for them to be together as their situation seems tense. The director gets puzzled and tries to change the topic.

Additionally, he asks Aqua if he is worried about the situation between Kana and Ruby. Aqua knows about their mentality and understands the complexity of their personalities.

At the conclusion of the chapter, the setting for the situation between Kana and Ruby is all set and will continue in the next chapter.

The series will be on break next week; Oshi no Ko chapter 135 will be released on 20 December 2023.

Oshi no Ko chapter 135 and the upcoming installments will be available to read on the Mangaplus app and website!

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