Photographer Arrested For Taking Pictures Under Cosplayer’s Skirt

Published on May 3rd, 2022

On April 30, a photographer was arrested after taking low angle photos of a high school cosplayer.

A photographer in his 30s was arrested by the Chiba Prefectural Police for taking photos of female cosplayer’s under the skirt during the Niconico Chokaigi conference held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba.

Luckily, a reporter was present at the event, who contacted the police and provided all the evidence in order to catch the criminal. According to the Nico Video article, the photographer didn’t work alone. He went with a group, and when he saw that the cosplaying girl wasn’t looking, he would go behind her, and film under the skirt.

The reported had seen the photographer at the event on April 29, and after recording the evidence, the reporter went to the police. The next day, photographer appeared again at the cosplay event, but this time he was confronted by the police. After questioning, and a quick search of the his video camera, the police found several recordings of under the skirt from different cosplayers.

It looks like the man did this for a long time, as he had changed his hat, camera bag and clothes from the other day to avoid detection, but this did not fool the police. After confronted by the police, he admitted to the charges, and expressed regret on his actions.

According to the Niconico News, it is sometimes really tricky to arrest someone on the suspicion of this crime, as there are some cases when low angle photos are allowed when there is an agreement between the cosplayer and the photographer, or the consent of the cosplayer.

Source: Niconico News

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