Remake Our Life! Anime Gets Low Ratings In Japan

Remake our Life! have received good ratings and reviews outside of Japan. But this is not the case in Japan. As it turns out, on Amazon Prime Japan “Remake our Life” is getting low ratings.

In below image, you can see that almost 40% of reviewers rated anime lowest (1 star). 40% of the user gave ratings between 4 and 5 stars. When the reviews are combined, it gives a rating of 2.7. Which is not a good score for an anime series.

One guy who gave 1 star to the series said the “protagonist is small compared to talented people around him”, mentioning that animation is pretty good but the protagonist ruins it.

Another person commented that the protagonist is an idiot, that he does not study and just wants to spend time with the platinum generation.

Another guy said:

“It’s already too late, but he’s only 28…..he’s not even halfway through his life. what annoys me the most in this anime is this protagonist, going back in time to get involved with the platinum generation because “his life ended at 28”

Despite the fact the series is getting low ratings in Japan, it is pretty popular outside of Japan. For example in Anime Trending popularity poll for Top 10 anime of the week, Remake Our Life! got 2nd place, just behind the “The Case Study of Vanitas”.

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The story centers on the failed game director Kyōya Hashiba. His company goes bankrupt and he ends up going back to his parents’ house. He lies in bed thinking about the successful creators of his generation. When he opens his eyes, Kyōya discovers that he has gone back in time 10 years before starting college. You have the opportunity to rebuild your life, starting as a college arts student. Now he lives in a shared house for four people. Kyōya has the opportunity to spend his formative years with creators he knows will be famous in the future, but things may not turn out as he expected.

Source: Amazon Prime Via Yaraon

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