Right Stuf Anime Will Be Shutting Down on October 10

Right Stuf, a leading distributor of anime and manga products in North America, has decided to shut its doors on October 10, merging its operations with the Crunchyroll Store.

right stuf anime shutting down

Established in 1987 by Robert Ferson, Right Stuf initially started as a telescope retailer. However, it quickly shifted its focus to the anime and manga industry, becoming one of the first dedicated anime retailers in the U.S.

In a significant move in August 2022, Crunchyroll acquired Right Stuf. One of the most notable changes post-acquisition was the discontinuation of 18+ product sales.

At that time, Right Stuf had issued a press release stating their commitment to continue offering top-quality anime, manga, and related products.

However, recent information suggests a change in this direction.

Right Stuf Is Merging With Crunchyroll

Recent reports, especially a tweet by Manga Mogura on X (formerly Twitter), indicate that Right Stuf will cease operations by October 10, 2023.

The anime and manga product listings from Right Stuf will be transferred to the Crunchyroll store.

This information reportedly comes from emails that Right Stuf sent to its business partners.

As for ongoing sales and pending orders, further details are awaited. An official press release should provide clarity soon.

The current RightStufAnime winter sale is still active, but it’s expected to be rebranded as the Crunchyroll Holiday Sale with some additional changes.

Right Stuf has always been appreciated for its excellent customer service, great deals, and secure packaging. Fans are now curious about what the merger with Crunchyroll Store might entail.

Additionally, Right Stuf’s affiliate program for creators, which isn’t a feature of the Crunchyroll store, is also in question. It remains to be seen if Crunchyroll will introduce a similar program or if this marks its end.

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