Ruri Dragon Manga Author Hints The Series Return In 2024

The manga industry is a competitive and challenging field, where new and old series vie for the attention and admiration of the readers.

ruri dragon manga come back

Just like Kagurabachi is the breakout manga that came out of nowhere in 2023 and started competing with already established series, there was Ruri Dragon which started serialization in 2022 and showed massive potential.

However, fans were disappointed when the series went on an indefinite hiatus after only two months of serialization. The reason behind the sudden break was the poor health of the author, Masaoki Shindo, who could not keep up with the demanding weekly schedule.

Many manga fans know how hard it is for mangaka to produce high-quality chapters every week, and how often they suffer from exhaustion, illness, or injuries.

Some of the most famous manga series, such as Hunter x Hunter, Berserk, and D.Gray-man, have experienced long or frequent hiatuses due to the health issues of their creators.

However, there is a ray of hope for Ruri Dragon fans, as the author has recently hinted at a possible comeback in 2024.

The series received a surprising recognition in the list “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024”, which ranks the best manga of the moment based on the opinions of fans and industry professionals. Ruri Dragon secured the ninth place in the men’s category, despite not releasing any new chapter in 2023.

The official Twitter account of Ruri Dragon shared the news and thanked everyone who voted for the series. They also posted a message from Shindo-sensei, who apologized for the lack of updates and assured the fans that he is in good health. He also promised to do his best to deliver good news to them next year.

Here is the translated Tweet:

We received ninth place in the men’s list “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2024,” published today. Thank you very much to everyone who was involved in the selection. We will continue to do our best to deliver good news for everyone. Here’s a message from Shindo-sensei: “I’m sorry I haven’t given you updates for a while. I am currently in good health. I will do my best to deliver good news to you next year.’

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