Hunter x Hunter: Author Reveals Alternative Ending Prepared in Case He Dies

Yoshihiro Togashi, the acclaimed author of Hunter x Hunter, has recently revealed what could be the series’ ending if he is unable to complete it.

hunter x hunter ending

In a recent interview translated by @pewpiece, Togashi sensei discussed three potential endings for Hunter x Hunter, labeled as scenarios A, B, and C.

Additionally, he shared a fourth scenario, scenario D, which he initially considered for the series’ conclusion but later excluded from his final choices. Togashi’s words on this were:

“To give you a clearer picture, I will share scenario D, which fell out of the candidate scenarios for the ending. If fate takes me before finishing the manga, consider it the manga’s ending. I would be happy if you forgive me for that.”

Before we discuss the scenario D ending, here’s what we know of the three other scenarios:

Scenario A: This ending might make half of the readers happy, but the other half might not like it as much. The author thinks this ending won’t cause too much fuss or get people too upset.

Scenario B: This ending will also get mixed reactions. Some people will like it, and some won’t.

Scenario C: This ending is the one the author personally likes the best, even though he thinks that almost everyone else might not enjoy it as much.

Togashi also mentioned the possibility of choosing an entirely different ending that he finds most enjoyable.

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Hunter x Hunter Manga Ending:

The disclosed ending, scenario D, shifts focus from the main characters to Jin, who is presumed to be a descendant of Gon, possibly his grandchild, though this is not explicitly stated.

Jin’s story starts similarly to Gon’s, with her fishing next to a lake and capturing the Lake Lord. However, unlike Gon, she shows no interest in becoming a Hunter.

Next to the lake, a girl named Jin, holding a fishing rod, stands motionless. Suddenly, the rod shakes violently, and Jin, startled, exclaims, “I got him! I got the Lake Lord!” She skillfully lifts the Lake Lord onto her shoulders and stands before a woman, saying, “As I promised, I caught the Lake Lord! Mom!” Jin approaches the woman and passionately declares, “You must not tell me again. You must become a hunter.”

Jin’s mother seems to want Jin to be a Hunter, just like her Grandfather, Gon. However, Jin’s dream is never to leave the island. Jin’s father also seems to be laid back and doesn’t mind Jin’s life choices.

Jin’s mother blames that it’s because of the bloodline of Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko flowing in her that she doesn’t want to become a hunter.

hunter x hunter ending gon

This seemingly confirms that Gon will marry Noko in the future. In case you are not aware, Noko was the only child from Whale Island, which was of Gon’s age. They played together, and Gon also mentioned her to Killua when they first met.

The woman, with no tricks left, nods her head. Jin, still carrying the Lake Lord on her shoulder, walks away. The mother comments to her husband that Jin’s dream is to never leave the island and inherit their place. The father agrees, laughing, and the mother expresses her dissatisfaction, saying, “Perhaps her desires will change later. But I want to know, you and Jin, why are you like this? Surely it’s because of the blood of Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko.

The woman seems unaware that Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko are not related by blood, and the father smiles knowingly. The woman, expressing her unwillingness as a mother, adds, “But Grandpa Gon was a famous hunter… and this girl will one day leave the island.”

Jin insists, “I will never leave!” Although she is no longer visible in the heart of the forest, she hears her parents’ conversation and responds defiantly. The father, amused, says, “You have a sharp eye.”

The scene changes to the shop continuing its work from Mito’s days. The Lake Lord has been cleanly cut, and its internal parts sorted. Jin thinks to herself while working, “Mom never understands.

When Grandpa speaks joyfully about his memories of being a hunter, Grandma Noko quietly moves away from her seat. Every time Grandpa Gon affirms, her belief is heard from someone. She strikes the cutting board forcefully with a knife (I’m tired of this!!) to wait for someone’s return after months and years of sadness crushes my heart… I make some noise wait for me! I. Then the door opens, and a warm voice echoes. A chubby little child enters, holding a plant.

The child exclaims, “I caught the Lake Lord for real! Well, let’s honor the whole island with it!” Jin replies, “I always… always wanted to be with the person I want to be with. Together, always!” The child agrees, “Yes!” Both of them, with broad smiles on their faces, cook the food. A bird flies away from the island, over a town and its people.

The son of one of them, the daughter of another, and the grandchild of another live in different places, exchanging smiles. They might be the children of that character and the grandchildren of that character. The bird flies away into the distance.

In the background, a figure watches the scene.

It’s crucial to note that the aforementioned ending, scenario D, is no longer a viable option as Togashi has set it aside in favor of other possibilities.

However, should circumstances prevent Togashi from completing the manga, this outlined ending serves as a contingency plan, marking how the Hunter x Hunter saga could potentially conclude.

Yoshihiro Togashi will be discussing this ‘Dropped Ending’ of Hunter x Hunter, referred to as scenario D, on TV Asahi’s Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show. This particular segment is scheduled to air on November 21st, 2023, as per modelpress.

The creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, has been enduring severe back pain for several years, a condition that has led to multiple hiatuses in the manga’s publication.

Despite fervent requests from fans for Togashi sensei to delegate the drawing responsibilities to another artist while he oversees the story, the author remains committed to illustrating the manga personally.

Source: Pewpiece

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