Upcoming Attack on Titan fan anime project

Shingeki no Requiem is an upcoming fan anime project which is based on a popular alternative fan theory “AoTnoRequiem

In case you don’t know, Attack on Titan fan anime is already in production which will explore an alternative ending to popular work of Hajime Isayama. Shingeki no Requiem will adapt a doujinshi (fan work) titled “AoTnoRequiem” into anime.

Credit: Shingeki no Requiem

What is AoTnoRequiem?

AoTnoRequiem is a fan manga project which is based on a popular Attack on Titan theory called AnR theory. According to AnR theory, Eren will never gave up on his freedom and his friends will never give up on stopping him, they will clash and Eren ends up ki**ing them all.

What we know so far about this anime project?

Shingeki no Requiem anime project is still in early phase. As of now, they are recruiting Animators, 2D artists, background artists and colorists. Here are some of the QnA’s which will answer many of you queries:

Q: When this anime will be released?

A: We don;t have a definite date as of now. Our team is making sure we’re producing quality animation and that would take a lot of time. We will keep you updated on our socials

Q: Is this going to be movie or episodic?

A: Contrary to our initial announcement, we are planning to release SnR animation in episodes

Q: Are you going to dub your work in Japanese:

A: For dubbing, our first priority is english, japanese is second.

Q: Which studio style are you going to replicate, Wit or Mappa?

A: We experimented with what would look best and it seems like people would like to see something that includes aspects of both studios, though our plan is to deviate a little more on Wit’s style. Still, we will try to give our own original style to this animation project

Q: How many people are working on this project?

A: Enough talented people coming from each part of the globe working together to deliver a quality animation all of us fans will enjoy. However, as we stated, we are always looking to improve our project which is why new talent are welcome

While it is still too early to predict what kind of fan animation we will get, what do you think about this anime project? Are you looking forward to it? Tell us in the comment section

Source: Shingeki no Requiem

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