Studio Bind Was Created Solely To Produce Mushoku Tensei Anime

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation 2nd part has just started yesterday. Thankfully, the quality of animation isn’t affected one bit. The crisp details in the anime background, and the fluid animation is possible all thanks to proper planning from the animation studio.

Studio Bind is the animation studio producing this anime, which is a joint venture of Studio White Fox and company Egg Firm. Studio Bind was created in 2018 solely for the purpose of adapting Mushoku Tensei light novel into anime series. According to some unofficial sources, Studio Bind is already working on season 3 and season 4 of Mushoku Tensei.

White Fox studio was founded in 2007, it is well known for producing Re: Zero, and Steins Gate anime adaptation. Egg Firm is a company that plans and produces anime projects. Egg Firm is known for producing “Sword Art Online Alicization”, and “The Disatorous life of Saiki K”.

According to the White Fox representative:

It was necessary to have a system to proceed with the project continuously, long-term, and systematically. By setting up a studio separate from the conventional WHITE FOX, we will proceed with production in an environment where we can concentrate more on “Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei anime is based on the light novel series. The light novel have 22 volumes, while the manga has adapted till volume 10. The series tells the story of a 34 year old otaku who gets reincarnated as a baby while his memories from previous life are still intact. He vows to make the best of his new life by overcoming his fears of previous life.

Source: Anime Recorder


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