The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 3: Sequel Confirmed For 2023

After the broadcast of the 12th episode (finale) of season 2 on TV Network, it was announced that the series would be getting a sequel anime, confirmed to release in 2023. The sequel anime is listed as season 3, but it will adapt the story after the events of season 2.

Along with the announcement of the sequel anime, a new key visual has been released that includes the appearance of already known characters and a new character, called Acieth Alla who is the younger sister of Alas Ramus.

devil is a part timer season 3

The number of episodes for season 3 is yet to be confirmed, but because the next story arc is spread in 4 volumes of the light novel, we can anticipate that season 3 will be more than 20 episodes long.

Lord Satan Sadao Maou and Suzuno Kamazuki will return to Ente Isla in Season 3 to rescue Shirou Ashiya, Alas Rasmus, and the Hero Emilia Justina aka Emi Yusa after an attack injures Hanzou Urushihara and Chiho Sasaki.

The Devil is a part-timer anime is based on the light novels series of the same name, written by Satoshi Wagahara, with illustrations by Oniku. Studio WhiteFox picked up the light novels for an anime adaptation which was released in June 13. After 9 years break, studio 3HZ released the second season in Sept 2022.

Crunchyroll describes the anime series as follows:

Foiled by a hero when he’s inches away from conquering the world, the devil finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With no real-world skills to speak of, the devil is forced to make ends meet flipping burgers at a fast food joint! To stall any further plans of world domination, the hero tracks the devil’s trail and takes on the lowly tasks of a telemarketer.

Source: Comic Natalie

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