Petition Created To Change The Ending Of Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan final chapter of the manga came out on April 9 and as expected not all the Attack on Titan fandom liked how the story concluded. Many fans argued that the mangaka changed the ending in the final chapter and Isayama had a different ending in mind from the start.

The dissatisfied fans have band together to create a petition to change the ending of Attack on Titan. The user (Dr Vibenary) who created this petition wrote some messages as well to justify why the ending does not make sense and should be changed completely

Dr Vibenary starts with (Spoilers Ahead):

Recently, Attack on Titan is one of the best manga series I have ever read. I think most fandoms are very disappointed with the current ending, the ending felt very rushed to me and most of the fandom felt it too. Overall, the ending felt very different from its original purpose, and gave a lot of fans a sense of disappointment. 

He further elaborates his point on founder ymir:

An example of this is that some of the panels almost look like something from a comedy series. Suddenly the character’s motives change (especially Eren Jaeger’s aim), everything in the story now seems pointless. Characters like Mikasa Ackerman and Historia Reiss feel a little out of place now, they all feel too different from the stories we know.

Mikasa and Eren Relationship:

Another disturbing message is how Eren did everything to find the fact that Mikasa didn’t go with him, that’s exactly what happened. Eren in the previous chapter told Mikasa to “forget” him, but in this chapter the whole character contradicts himself by forcing Mikasa to love and obsess over him for years. This thematically doesn’t feel right with everything that happened in Shingeki no Kyojin, the ending feels really out of place.

Kodansha influence on Ending:

Most of the fandoms from what I have seen believe that Kodansha or publisher Isayama had a lot of influence on the ending of AOT’s manga which probably fits better with the ending of most other ‘shounen’ series. Right now, I can’t speak to the entire fandom, but I’ve seen hundreds and thousands of fans (myself included) express how disappointed the character was wasted and how the story turned 180 degrees.

Attack on Titan manga was published in Kodansha magazine for 11 years and 7 months. Keep in mind that Studio Mappa is adapting the final season of Attack on Titan and the final season part 2 is scheduled to be released in Winter 2022.

Source: Anime Saku

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