Petition Created To Change The Ending Of Attack on Titan

Published on April 13th, 2021

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan final chapter of the manga came out on April 9 and as expected not all the Attack on Titan fandom liked how the story concluded. Many fans argued that the mangaka changed the ending in the final chapter and Isayama had a different ending in mind from the start.

The dissatisfied fans have band together to create a petition to change the ending of Attack on Titan. The user (Dr Vibenary) who created this petition wrote some messages as well to justify why the ending does not make sense and should be changed completely

Dr Vibenary starts with (Spoilers Ahead):

Recently, Attack on Titan is one of the best manga series I have ever read. I think most fandoms are very disappointed with the current ending, the ending felt very rushed to me and most of the fandom felt it too. Overall, the ending felt very different from its original purpose, and gave a lot of fans a sense of disappointment. 

He further elaborates his point on founder ymir:

An example of this is that some of the panels almost look like something from a comedy series. Suddenly the character’s motives change (especially Eren Jaeger’s aim), everything in the story now seems pointless. Characters like Mikasa Ackerman and Historia Reiss feel a little out of place now, they all feel too different from the stories we know.

Mikasa and Eren Relationship:

Another disturbing message is how Eren did everything to find the fact that Mikasa didn’t go with him, that’s exactly what happened. Eren in the previous chapter told Mikasa to “forget” him, but in this chapter the whole character contradicts himself by forcing Mikasa to love and obsess over him for years. This thematically doesn’t feel right with everything that happened in Shingeki no Kyojin, the ending feels really out of place.

Kodansha influence on Ending:

Most of the fandoms from what I have seen believe that Kodansha or publisher Isayama had a lot of influence on the ending of AOT’s manga which probably fits better with the ending of most other ‘shounen’ series. Right now, I can’t speak to the entire fandom, but I’ve seen hundreds and thousands of fans (myself included) express how disappointed the character was wasted and how the story turned 180 degrees.

Attack on Titan manga was published in Kodansha magazine for 11 years and 7 months. Keep in mind that Studio Mappa is adapting the final season of Attack on Titan and the final season part 2 is scheduled to be released in Winter 2022.

Source: Anime Saku

46 thoughts on “Petition Created To Change The Ending Of Attack on Titan

  1. I Totally AGREE….I was very disappointed too….the last chapter just doesn’t fall into place looking at the few chapters before it….i mean they left me eager for chapter 139…but it was meh…i really hope it gets changed

  2. AOT was worse it completetly ruined literally made me cry reading the chapter it was really pathetic. Eren’s character thus the whole story was ruined please rewrite we need a better ending.

  3. Umm i think there should be a happy ending for eren and mikasa..bcz in the end all are happy..and in full life eren just face the i think eren have the right to be happy…

    1. When I first saw AOT I was like: Is nothing new unique is cool Titans but we had many work of fiction with Titans… Then we got a plot twist that humans can turn into Titans. That those humans attacked the walls. Then I was interested in the story. The best plot twist and what opened the show for me was the basement reveal. Then I thought to myself: maybe AOT will end as a unique masterpiece somthing what will be remembered for ages and ages. I loved the way how the story was progressing I liked the characters and they backstory that not everything is black and white. Then I get this? I GET THIS??? I really thought AOT would be a unique show what will be remembered 50, 100, 200+ years later like we do with Death Note for example. I was wrong is just a copy and paste of a lot of Shonen mangas at the end and start of the story (the middle part was the peak the golden age of this show) and it copied the Code Geass Lelouch ending. Really disappointed I expected more from AOT. When I read Shonen mangas I know that not a single one will have a unique ending all of them are cliché and that’s FINE. I still like them but I expected so much more from AOT. The fact that we had almost NO SACRIFICES to the side who opposed Eren. I don’t talk about the 80% no name characters I talk about NAMED characters. Is funny that Eren with thousands of colossal Titans and a army of past Titan Shifters was only able kill Hange. Hange is basically the only sacrifice among those 80% of people Jean is fine Connie is fine Gabi is fine normal humans with no titan powers who are NOT Ackermann you would think atleast they will die, Reiner fine, Pieck fine… Everyone is FINE. WHAT? If this was season 1,2 or 3 of AOT they would all be dead. Remember in season 1 or 2 or 3 how a 10 or 15 meter titan would wipe out many NAMED characters not those no name off screen characters… Is beyond me that this war for humanity’s survival only took down Hange as a big sacrifice Eren and Floch doesn’t count they are on the opposite side. Also what happened with the centipede spine thing Hallucigenia? Is it dead? How did it died? What was the whole purpose of this thing fighting outside of Eren if it had no relevance? Why? Why again? Why why why? Waste of pages waste of ink waste of time for all those previous chapters Isayama could just ignore that Hallucigenia thing and no one would have cared just say: The founder Ymir got her power from a actual God or Devil and no one would be mad… But THIS??? Where is Yelena? So many unanswered questions PLOT HOLES 🤡. You ignore showing Yelena or the Hallucigenia both extremely important plot holes what should be shown or mentioned. Also humanity still wanting war with the Eldia is the only LOGICAL plot line in this last chapter. Everything else makes 0 ZERO sense is like a 8yo old wrote it down. What I don’t like is that Eren’s sacrifice was for NOTHING. Hange for nothing previous wars for nothing Sasha’s sacrifice for NOTHING. He even killed his OWN mother for NOTHING. Eldia isn’t free they still fight. If you ask me they can go F themselves I would gladly kill the rest 20% of the world outside of Paradise Island. Also the fact that Eren never showed any and when I say any I mean ANY emotions to Mikasa and now this? It was always one sided always Mikasa jumping on him. Eren and Mikasa shipers can you plz point me out ONE moment where Eren simps for Mikasa JUST ONE? It was always Mikasa simping for Eren Armin and Annie makes sense. It was hinted that they like each other. Eren NEVER showed any emotions besides BESTO FRENDO to Mikasa and Armin. Also Ymir ohhh Ymir… Ymir… she… You know. Eren letting his Mom die makes NO sense. If he could control Dina to ignore Bertholdt he could also make Dina to ignore his own mother.

      What I liked is the symbolism of Parasitic Jaeger (a real bird) and the meaning of 139 and 140. I recommend everyone to read the wiki and meaning of 139, 140 and the bird Parasitic Jaeger.

      AOT started bad mediocre had a awesome middle part was almost a masterpiece to me and NOW THIS! I’m extremely disappointed from this show it had potential but it failed (don’t feel offended if you have a different opinion). I still think the show overall is a 7,5/10. The ending is for me 6/10 if the ending was different better I would give the overall show overall a 8,5/10 but yeah I need give it overall a 7,5/10.

  4. Attack on titan is one of the best and most watched anime.From the very first episode the hype is already there.We knew that isayama already know what will happen but we’re not agree about it because the whole story just ruined in one chapter.Eren and mikasa really love each other so why did the story happened like that.Many fans wants happy ending for them and not just because we don’t want to be sad,we also want eren to feel loved and happy.We want him to have his own freedom.Please change the ending.

  5. This petition is absurb. First of all Mr. Isayama is the creator so why don’t y’all respect how the manga ends, he will do what he wants. We are all just readers so don’t complain and live your life. It’s definitely a masterpiece it’s just your fantasies are lame y’all just predicted and created your own fantasy on how should the manga ends. And also y’all just can’t accept the truth that EreMika is Canon since day 1. Hope y’all sleep well on peace.

  6. The Last chapter was definitely rushed, and left too many holes. Attack on Titans is my favorite show. Don’t fail the fans, re-write the last chapter please 🙏🏽


  8. aot is my one fav anime i love the ending biti can you chat that ending because mikas is not deserve that at all at we atemmre dissapointed about tha tragedy ending

  9. Isayama said his favourite characters were reiner and historia so why were they sidelined .. with leaving reiner sniffling with a letter ..
    plus isayama said erens feelings towards mikasa were motherely ..then why making him look like a simp

  10. About the ending in the scene of mikasa and eren, mikasa didn’t kiss him just because she loves him romantically, but it was a goodbye kiss. so eck

  11. The ending was sad and i don’t know maybe there should be some positive ending when the entire series was sad and depressing really

  12. I things would be difficult to evolk!! The ending would probably symphonic.cuz even though it was suddenly a cruel ends there is a complement that writers and author have to follow to fit in a very popular manga series like AOT. actually I think it was an indulging idea of isayama but never the less I will rather be accepted the fact that ends write for us to took a remarkable ending.

  13. When compared to the first three seasons the last one was not that good espacially the ending for example how did eren turn into a was weird to me.

  14. Honestly speaking, I’m not satisfied with the spoiled manga ending, it felt like everyone’s sacrifices specially Eein and the whole Squad Levi were discarded because it somehow delivered a message that no matter how strong soldiers are Titans will always be stronger and that the only one who can defeat Titans are Titans themselves, if humanity was fighting for freedom I think it would be the best to let Humanity defeat Titans and Eren didn’t have to shoulder everything because he can trust everyone whose beside him. Also, Eren dying in the ending really sent tears to my nights because he was a very strong fighter with a drive to free humanity and live a carefree life yet he didn’t experience it himself and Mikasa suffering is never okay. The ending was half jouyous yet painful at the same time and I really want everyone who faught really hard to live a life they always dreamed of and I also wish those dead soldiers would come to life or at least get honor for their sacrifices and not just focus on Levi and his squad’s sacrifices because a LOT died and they deserve the credit.

  15. plzz give eren and mikasa a happy ending
    I am fed up of these dramatic endings . Plzz give eren the freedom he fought for!!

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