The Man Behind “Laughing Guy” Meme Has Passed Away

Juan Joya Borja, the laughing guy has passed away at the age of 65. Newspaper describe the cause as “long illness”.

He became famous due to his distinctive laugh. In an interview, he was telling a funny story about throwing dishes into the ocean when he was working a job in a young age. Borja couldn’t control his own laughter while telling his story which made the situation more funnier.

Screenshot from YouTube upload

Keep in mind that the interview was uploaded on YouTube in 2004 but it did not go viral. Not until 2014, when people started editing their own subtitles on the video which were unrelated to Borja’s story but somehow it was funnier and went viral.

He made the whole world laugh even when people did not understand what he was saying. This sad news got hundreds of shares around social media, reminding us how popular Borja was and his laughter made many of us feel better countless times.

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