The Man Who Is Married To An Anime Character, Took Her To Dinner On Christmas

Published on December 28th, 2021

If you are an anime fan, at some point of time, you must have a crush on 1 or 2 anime girls. Some fans like the character so much, that they actually consider them anime husband or wife (Waifu or Husbando is the term generally used for these anime characters). However, a man from Japan took it to the next level, and actually married a 2d character.

Akihiko Konda is a Japanese man in his 30’s, who married Hatsune Miku, a 16 year old virtual idol who is pretty popular in Japan. In an interview with Asian Boss YouTube channel, Akihiko Konda revealed that he was bullied on his job by a female coworker, and after that he lost interest in women. In his darkest times, he became known to the virtual idol, Miku, and immediately knew that she was the girl for him.

Kondo married Miko in Nov 2018, and the wedding costed him around 2 million yen ($17500), Kondo said that when he announced that he will be marrying Miku, many people were against him, even his mother was against this marriage. But he still went on marry Miku. Despite the resistance shown by his family, many friends supported him, and he also received support from the online community.

On Dec 25, Akihiko posted an update that he took his wife to dinner. In case you don’t know, Japanese people celebrate Christmas as a valentine’s day. Akihiko said that he first consulted with the restaurant manager in advance that he will be bringing his wife Miku. Chef cooked for 2 people as can be seen in the pictures.

Source: Twitter

14 thoughts on “The Man Who Is Married To An Anime Character, Took Her To Dinner On Christmas

    1. Technically, she’s created with the same drawing style commonly used in anime, so yes, she’s an anime character.

  1. How he took her? I know he has an hologram container into his house but miku, but for the restaurant how he did?? It’s a giant dool? An app on phone for making photos and the chair in reality Is empty or he took an hologram reproducer, a fog machine and took them to the restaurant?? Just to understand well the grade of insanity of that man

  2. So like, did he buy property rights or something? Couldn’t literally anyone marry his wife now?

    …Should we be selling waifus as NFTs?

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