Theory Suggests Eren Might Be The Father

Historia’s character have been a mystery for both anime watchers and manga readers alike, as we don’t know how Historia came to that “situation”. Some fans believe that the creator of Attack on Titan won’t waste Historia’s character development by linking her with farmer kun, who is an unimportant character.

There are many theories and plot points in the manga which strongly suggest that Eren might be the father of Historia’s child and we will see a major plot reveal around father’s identity in the final 2 chapters of the manga. Here are some major points that point towards Eren being the father:

Parallels To Dina And Grisha

There are many parallels to Grisha (Eren’s Father) and Dina (Grisha’s first wife). Both Dina and Historia are royal blooded. Both did not live as royality and hid from authorities.

Eren And Historia Parallels

Both Eren And Historia have someone who protects them always. Eren has Mikasa while Historia has Ymir. Both ended their father. 

Credit: Attack on Titan

Eren And Historia Relate To Eachother

Eren’s special attitude towards Historia is emphasized in the way he speaks about her. While his friends are, more often than not, grouped (Armin/Mikasa or Armin/Mikasa/Jean/Connie/Sasha), Historia is always mentioned seperately and individually (like she is more special). 

On top of that, he refuses to sacrifice her no matter what. Eren accepted that he had to sacrifice Sasha but is “not prepared” to do the same with Historia. He kept his mouth silent for four long years as to not endanger her. That could only be because:

  1. He does love her in his own way (even if it’s not passionate romantic love as we are not aware of that so far, he associates her with being his driving force),
  2. He sympathizes with Historia as they have quite similar experiences and sees himself in her to an extent. Either way, it’s not unimaginable that he might be the father of her child.

We are now in the final chapters of the manga and given the situation in the manga, it would make sense if Eren is the father and the child born is Ymir. Only chapters of the Attack on Titan manga are left. As announced earlier that final chapter will be published on April 9, 2021.

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