This New App Will Let You Create Manga Without Having To Draw

Updated on September 12th, 2021

Many anime and manga fans often thought about creating their own manga. Sometimes you have a really cool story in your mind but you can’t make a manga out of it because of lack of drawing skills. Worry not, because Shonen Jump will be launching a new app called “World Maker”, that will let you create your own manga without having to draw. Here we will talk about how you can register to be a beta tester for this app.

What can you do with “World Maker” app?

World Maker will provide you tools to become a mangaka. In first step you will write script (dialogues, lines, sentences) of your manga. “World Maker” app will automatically divide your script into frames (manga panels). Than you will be able to place character images from “World Maker” app library. Also, there will be an option to add your image in your manga as well. Currently, app has more than 600,000 images of backgrounds, effects and characters you can choose from to express yourself in manga.

What kind of Manga you can make?

Here is an example of a manga created on the app about a hero who was reincarnated in another world:

When “World Maker” will be released?

App will be released in two stages, close Beta and open Beta. In closed beta, only few people will selected via a lottery who will be able to experience this service. But you don’t have to worry, open beta will be releasing on Sept 22 when everyone (worldwide) will be able to use this app.

For closed beta tester, developers are looking for 500 participants but unfortunately many users won’t be able to join because the application are already closed.

Here is a short video explaining how this app will work:

A chance to publish your manga in Shonen Jump + App

There will be a competition between between beta version users and 2 winners will get their one shot manga drawn by Shiro Usazaki (Act-Age) and Koji Oishi (Tomatoypoo no Lycopene) on Shonen Jump+

22 thoughts on “This New App Will Let You Create Manga Without Having To Draw

  1. This could be interesting … especially for those who are so artistically challenged it’s painful … Probably only me. Not interested in the competition, but definitely would like to look at the app at some point.

  2. I am telling you all I have a dream that have already been typing in my google doc about the story in every chapter I have made 6+ chapters I show dedication to my work. My work will be a character from the future of dragon ball don’t worry I will make this manga free too cause it’s fam made of course and I would like it if other people looked at it too. I would be posting every week, but if isn’t main story and it moves to side story as well I will post same week if I can. Thank you all for reading what I have here and I promise not to disappoint you in my manga, P.S the book will be called “The Legendary Zodark”

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