Titans Wear Pants In Malaysia Due To Local Censorship Law

Attack On Titan popularity has increased exponentially over the past couple of years. After the recent popularity of Attack on Titan , series has been spread in every corner of the world. But we know that not every country has the same censorship laws.

In 2018, a Malaysian fan who was not that much invested in the series saw a panel of Attack on Titan in a local comic magazine and decided to take a photo. He later forgot about the picture but recently his interest in the series increased again and he decided to share this image with fans.

On a sub reddit, u/flamingthunderbanana shared this Attack on Titan manga panel with a captionĀ “I want everyone to know that Malaysians are wearing tight pants in the Malaysian version due to local censorship law”

credit: u/flammingthunderbanana

The user further explains about the law that is very strict on nudity which according to him completely backfired as it emphasizes the Titan’s butt way more. One person asked about how Annie’s Titan have been censored to which he replied that he doesn’t know for sure but a friend told him that Annie’s Titan have been given a sports bra.

How does Annie’s Titan look like?

If you are wondering about the femal titan, she is also wearing some kind of clothes in the manga panels which are shared with us.

credit: Harvey Emmanuel (Posted in Attack on Titan Discussion Group)
credit: Harvey Emmanuel (Posted in Attack on Titan Discussion Group)

Where is this from?

These manga panels are translated in Malay. According to sources Attack on Titan translated version was published in malaysian magazine called Kreko. Surprisingly not many malaysian fans know that this highly censored version of the manga exist.

To fans who want to buy this version of the manga, unfortunately you can’t. Because this magazine was discontinued in December 2019 but they have an E-book alternative which you can subscribe too.

Sources: u/TheUltraGuy101, u/flammingthunderbanana

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