Ukrainian One Piece Fan Says He Doesn’t Want To Die Before Knowing The Story Ending

Published on February 27th, 2022

A post on One Piece sub-Reddit has gone viral in the past few days, where a One Piece fan regrets that he might not be able to see the ending of his favorite series.

As you may already know, Ukraine is fighting a war against Russia, and occupying more and more Ukrainian land. The president of Ukraine has ordered that all the civilians between 18 and 60 cannot leave the country, and should help the government in defending against this attack.

A One Piece fan from Ukraine took to Reddit to express how dire the situation is for the Ukrainian people. Reddit user, Kyiv expressed his fear of losing his life to Russian bombing before seeing the ending of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga series. On Reddit, he writes:

Fuck man fuck.I don’t want to die.I have many regrets in life but one of my greatest regrets will be that I will die without knowing what One Piece truly is.It’s truly been a long and fun journey guys.I hope everyone lives to see the end of this journey.I’m hearing blasts and I think this is where my journey ends.Farewell nakamas!

In his final update which was posted on Friday, Kyiv said that he doesn’t have mobile data, and his Wifi is cut off. He woke up after a minor explosion, and now trying to take shelter in a school. To answer some Reddit users that “why he doesn’t leave Ukraine and get shelter in any neighbor country?”. He said that only women with kids, and men with a lot of money are able to leave the country.

The Reddit post immediately went viral, where a lot of One Piece fans offered him moral and emotional support. One user that if he reaches Romania (neighbor country), he can help arrange a place to stay for him. Another user offered to buy plane ticket for him, but he declined it, saying that it will of no use as all the nearby airports have been destroyed.

Source: Reddit

4 thoughts on “Ukrainian One Piece Fan Says He Doesn’t Want To Die Before Knowing The Story Ending

  1. homie we will make it we will see luffy become the pirate farewell we must move forward without you. luffy will be the pirate king thanks for being with us and our journey!. thanks homie!!

  2. Even if your journey ends here and your life ends without knowing the ending of one piece, As for me an anime fan, you’re the one of the Ukrainians that showing love at your country and put your life on the line for those people around you, a Ukrainian whose responsible on those problems on your country, and that love and affection what i called one piece, keep fighting till the end brother! You’re not alone, we’re praying for you! We will be waiting for you sir!

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