US Marines use anime girl posters to recruit soldiers

Published on February 22nd, 2022

Anime is probably the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world right now, and it looks like United States Marines are trying to use the “power of anime” to recruit soldiers. A Twitter user recently went viral after posting a photo of a poster with a caption “spotted at an official Marines recruiting booth“. In the picture you can see an anime girl wearing a Marine uniform.

The female anime character present in the poster is quite similar to Violet Evergarden from the homonymous franchise and to Saber of Fate/Stay Night.

After the user shared this poster, more photos started appearing online, confirming that this is indeed real and not an edited picture.

The illustration, on the other hand, is based on an image dating back to the First World War. A look at the United States Library of Congress shows that the original image was made between 1914 and 1918 and is described as follows: ‘US Marine recruiting poster showing a Marine with a rifle on patrol the docks‘.

Some of the comments on the original post include:

I’m a Marine and I think it’s awesome! It reflects the old original it was based on and still looks squared away, plus the Marines love Japanese stuff. We’ve all been in or near Japan.

Some further investigation on the source of the illustration led to the artist Eromoeba who published a similar poster in Sept 2020, confirming that this poster is indeed based on the Violet Evergarden. What do you think of US Marines using this anime poster for the recruitment? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Source: Twitter

13 thoughts on “US Marines use anime girl posters to recruit soldiers

    1. Evergarden was basically a highly trained killing machine, so unless you just don’t like women in the Corps, Devil dog – no, not sissy-fied.

  1. Exactly Right and Thank You, Army Infantry!! The techie, anime fans need out of the bubble and learn the world around them.

  2. I joined the Marines I March of 1969. I broke the obstacle course record several times in Quantico. The Corps was and I’m sure that it still is a ” no nonsense institution”. I was also a recon marine. After having left the service in 1976 I returned to Quantico in1981 as a FBI special agent. Again I broke the obstacle course record after many years, probably due to my having been a all around gymnast. In those days men were acredited for being male and women for being female. Everyone was mutually respected. Men were mainly in combat roles and women were imainly in supportive roles.

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