What was the Centipede Titan in Attack on Titan Finale Episode?

The finale of “Attack on Titan” not only made our eyes teary but also introduced us to a new form of Eren’s Titan. After Eren’s Founding Titan got beheaded, things took an interesting turn.

What was the New Titan of Eren in Attack on Titan Finale Episode?

During the finale episode, after Armin and Zeke convinced their predecessors to help them, the fight with the Titans attached on top of the Founding Titan became much more accessible.

This led to Jean rushing towards Eren’s nape, where Pieck had already planted dynamite, and just the lever needed to be pressed.

When Jean pushed the lever, Eren got separated from his neck. But although he should have died, he became a new Titan, an amorphous form of the Attack Titan and The Colossal Titan.

Not only that, a mysterious kind of centipede also got released from inside Eren’s body, which started to rush towards Eren’s head.

The Mysterious Centipede

What was the New Titan of Eren in Attack on Titan Finale Episode?

This ancient centipede is tied to Ymir’s past. Long ago, Ymir encountered it in a mystical tree. While drowning, the centipede attached to her, granting her the Founding Titan’s powers.

In the finale, after the Okapi Titan swallows Armin, he mysteriously enters the Paths realm, where Zeke, occupied with building sand castles, starts a conversation about a resilient, ancient creature known for its ability to replicate.

This creature is the mysterious centipede, referred to by Zeke as the “Source of all Living Matter.” As it evolved, it became tougher and the origin of all Titans.

centipede titan

After Eren separates from it, the centipede frantically tries to reattach to Eren’s head. Reiner intervenes, preventing it. The centipede then releases a gas, akin to Zeke’s spinal fluid, turning every nearby Eldian into a Titan.

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The Final Form of Eren’s Founding Titan

What was the New Titan of Eren in Attack on Titan Finale Episode?

The Titan form we saw after Eren’s Founding Titan was decapitated is the unstable form of his Founding Titan. Without the centipede, Eren tried to stay in his original Founding Titan form but was converted into this amorphous form.

This form had the head of his Attack Titan, and its body was like the Colossal Titan. As Eren was fighting his last battle with Armin, the centipede tried its best to enter Eren’s body again.

Reiner kept the centipede from reaching Eren as Mikasa entered Eren’s head and killed him for good.

What was the New Titan of Eren in Attack on Titan Finale Episode?

Interestingly, that centipede titan wasn’t killed or destroyed. The centipede fleed and entered another tree later on, which we saw in the last seconds of the finale episode.

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