Attack on Titan: Did Mikasa Marry Jean? – Explored

After the tragic demise of Eren, many fans are left pondering: Did Mikasa ever marry, and if so, was Jean the one she ended up with?

mikasa marry jean

The “Attack on Titan” series wrapped up after a gripping ten-year run. In its final chapter, we witness the fall of Titan powers, a direct result of Mikasa’s grim choice to decapitate Eren, thereby putting an end to the catastrophic war.

Three years on from the conflict, we find Mikasa at Eren’s graveside, seemingly unable to let go of her past with him. However, the anime’s closing sequences subtly reveal Mikasa visiting Eren’s grave, this time with her family by her side.

This indicates that Mikasa eventually did marry and start a family, yet she never let go of her memories of Eren. In a poignant close to her life, Mikasa is buried next to Eren, signifying her lifelong connection to him.

While we never see Mikasa’s face as an elder, the presence of the red scarf—gifted by Eren—around her neck suggests her enduring love for him.

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Did Mikasa married Jean?

The question of whether Mikasa married Jean remains unanswered in the anime. In the finale, we see Mikasa at Eren’s grave with a newborn child and a man who is presumed to be her partner.

The anime does not explicitly identify this man as Jean. However, the manga offers a hint of resemblance, with the character’s hairstyle and color bearing a similarity to Jean’s.

Isayama has sprinkled clues throughout the series, indicating Jean’s romantic interest in Mikasa. From his initial awe at her beauty to his annoyance at her closeness with Eren, Jean’s feelings are evident.

jean mikasa

During the chaos when Eren had just started Rumbling, Jean was conflicted about whether he should just sit still and let Eren eradicate all of Paradis’s enemies or join hands with Marley’s soldiers to stop Eren from the genocide.

At that time, we see Jean dreaming of a future that he always wanted. In the future, Jean can be seen alongside a woman and a child. The woman in his dreams looks like Mikasa. If you look closely, she has the same scar as Mikasa has on her right cheek.

mikasa jean marry

When Eren went berserk in his Titan form, he attacked Mikasa, which left a permanent scar on her face. Jean was the first one to notice this, which shows how much he cared.

mikasa jean relationship

Eren cut off all his relations with his best friends, Mikasa and Armin, by calling Mikasa a slave. When Jean heard about what had happened and how Eren hurt Mikasa, he could be seen visibly angry.

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While Mikasa said that it was fine, Jean said that it was not, showing how much he cared about Mikasa’s well-being.


Before the Rumbling started, Paradis had tried everything to have peace with the outside world. However, nothing meaningful was happening. After getting the Titan’s powers, titan shifters can only live for the next 13 years.

With Eren having only 4 more years to live, Eren’s close friends were discussing that who should be the next wielder. A reminder that this means shortening your life span.

Conney, Sasha, and others offered to take on this responsibility. However, when Mikasa offered to become the next Attack Titan, Jean was strictly opposed to this idea.


These clues laid by Isayama throughout the series suggest that Jean’s feelings for Mikasa were genuine and deep-seated.

Thus, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine that Mikasa might have ultimately found a partner in Jean.

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