When is a Sequel Confirmed for an Anime? – 4 Crucial Factors

As each anime season comes to a close, fans eagerly wonder whether their beloved series will continue with a new installment or fade into obscurity.

Determining if a sequel is in the works involves careful consideration and analysis by the anime production committee. Let’s explore some key factors that influence this decision-making process.

when is anime sequel confirmed

Keeping Pace with the Source Material

When is a Sequel Confirmed for an Anime? Explained

One of the most common reasons for a sequel’s delay is when the anime adaptation catches up to the current progress of its source material, such as a manga or light novel.

In this situation, the production team must wait until the original author creates enough new content to warrant another season.

A prime example is the Made in Abyss anime, which is currently on hold as it awaits further chapters from creator Akihito Tsukushi.

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Availability of Staff Members

Producing a high-quality anime requires a talented team of animators, voice actors, directors, and producers.

If key staff members have conflicting schedules or are unavailable, it can jeopardize the entire project. This can lead to postponed release dates or episodes with subpar or unfinished animation.

Ensuring the availability of skilled professionals is crucial for greenlighting a sequel.

Financial Viability

When is a Sequel Confirmed for an Anime? Explained

Unlike other entertainment industries, anime relies on a unique funding model. Various stakeholders, such as merchandise companies, publishers, and Blu-ray distributors, collectively invest in a project before production begins.

The financial success of the initial season determines whether these backers will support a sequel.

Several metrics gauge an anime’s performance. First are the Blu-ray & DVD sales, which indicate the series’ popularity among Japanese viewers.

Strong sales after the conclusion of the season bode well for a sequel. Second, a significant increase in source material purchases suggests ongoing interest in the story.

Finally, robust merchandise sales, such as figurines, can also justify further investment, as seen with the third season of “Rent-a-Girlfriend.”

The Approval from the Author

When is a Sequel Confirmed for an Anime? Explained

In rare cases, an anime sequel may be hindered by the original author’s dissatisfaction with the adaptation. Despite a well-received anime, if the creator feels it fails to capture the essence of their work, they may withhold rights for future seasons.

A notable example is “Azumanga Daioh” by Kiyohiko Azuma.

Even though the anime adaptation was decent, Azuma expressed disappointment and prohibited studios from adapting his later works, including the highly acclaimed “Yotsuba&!,” which remains without an anime despite its popularity.

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Determining whether an anime will receive a sequel is a complex process that extends beyond simply achieving good ratings. It involves a delicate balance of source material progress, staff availability, financial metrics, and author approval.

By understanding these factors, we can better appreciate the challenges of the anime industry and the dedicated teams that strive to deliver compelling stories and captivating visuals season after season.

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