Will Dimple Return In Mob Psycho 100 Season 3?

In episode number 6 of Mob Psycho 100 III, fans were left heartbroken after Dimple sacrificed himself to save his one and only friend, Mob. But is Dimple really dead, or will he come back in the remaining episodes of season 3?

Mob Psycho 100 III Dimple dies Saves Mob

Mob Psycho III has been on the headlines of the Fall Season of 2022 since it started airing. With the latest episode, fans were able to enjoy a master-class animation with a goodbye to the spirit Dimple, who has been the friend of the protagonist, Shigeo, since the start of the series. But did he die in the latest scenario?

What Leads to the Present Situation of Dimple?

During the start of Mob Psycho 100 III, Dimple develops a God complex and wants to rule over the world. He consults Mob on this matter, but Mob advises Dimple to avoid such a spectacle. Annoyed by him, Dimple becomes powerful alone by collecting energy from the Divine Tree, a giant broccoli, and impersonating Shigeo, thus becoming a powerful figure.

Dimple Impersonating Mob Divine Tree God

He brainwashes everyone through this Tree, even Ritsu and Reigen. Mob gets infuriated when he receives this news and wants to get Dimple back to his senses. Dimple fights him ruthlessly in his God form. Shigeo makes Dimple realize that this is all futile, and Dimple even stops his God-like rampage, but Mob falls asleep at the end as he has already unleashed his “100%” emotions.

When Dimple releases his power to Divine Tree, the Divine Tree becomes sentient and attacks Mob. Dimple tries to protect Mob, but he isn’t powerful enough. He tells Mob to run away, and the Divine Tree absorbs the existence of Dimple. At the end of the episode, we see Mob crying while remembering Dimple.

Will Dimple return in the Future of the Series (Spoilers)?

Yes, Dimple will return in the future. Although he sacrificed himself during this arc, he returns in the future inside Reigen. He does not make a physical appearance like before, but he does come back and play a role in the development of his friend, Shigeo. Dimple returns as a spirit with the help of Mob and remain with him until the end of the series.

Dimple Spirit

What connected Dimple and Shigeo so much was the fact that both of them wanted others to acknowledge them and wanted to play a good part in society. Dimple, however, fell prey to power and went the wrong way. However, Shigeo is still on the right path, and we shall see how he progresses throughout the series to become something he always wanted to be.

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