3.4 Million Single Men In Japan Will Never Find A Partner

Updated on September 12th, 2021

Yahoo News Japan shared an article report according to which more than 3.4 million single male will never find a partner. It is because of the difference in male and female population in Japan.

Article shared a data chart which shows the difference between the population of unmarried men and women at different ages.

From the ages of 15 to 74, it can been seen that the male population of Japan is larger than female. Although the case becomes reverse after the age of 75, most of the unmarried men are already passed away at the age of 75.

There are 3 million people in Japan between the age of 20s to 50s, and 1.45 million in their 20s to 30s. Meaning that if all the females of Japan decided to get married at once, there will 3.4 million male who will never get married.

Why are there more Men in Japan?

This is due to male-female birth ration in Japan. Even from Meiji Era, the male to female ratio is 1.05. It means that 5% more male are born compared to female.

This was also the case before the modernization of Japan but the mortality rate of men was high due to wars and different illnesses. Now due to proper medical care, mortality rate of men have decrease, and that is why the ratio of men have increased.

This male surplus phenomenon is not limited to Japan. Many big countries are facing this same issue including China, United States and India. It can be said that this is a difficult time for men who wants to get married.

Source: Yahoo News Japan

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